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  • Draft I think we will have

    This is not necessarily what I want to happen but what I think will happen.

    R1. LB Reggie Ragland - I really wanted DB Vernon Hargreaves but elite corners are hard to come by and I think either the Jaguars or Ravens will take him. So we address another one of our needs at MLB.

    R2. OG Cody Whitehair - I really wanted DE Noah Spence here but he probably won't be available after what he did at the Senior Bowl. So we take the best OG in the draft and strengthen our porous o-line.

    R3. DB Will Redmond

    R4. DE Charles Tapper

    R5. FS Deon Bush

    R6. QB Dak Prescott

    R7. DT Joel Heath

    R7. DE Silverberry Mouhon

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    I agree. I'm torn between the CB & LB spot as both positions suck ass with close to zero starting material and even worse depth..I'd like to get a playmaking LB with our first pick but i'm happy with BPA between these two positions...The only problem i see is two of the playmaking LB's (Jack & Smith) who i think ordinarily would be rated way higher than Ragland, are both coming off serious injuries & i'm getting a bit tired of taking damaged goods & hoping for the best (Though i would've made an exception last season if Gurley had been there for the taking!! )


    • Bahamas
      Bahamas commented
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      I see where you are coming from brov....but i would pass on both

      I'd go DE

      fall back CB

      I am hoping the Dolphins goal this offseason is to target TJ (Trumaine Johnson CB/STL), Leon Hall (CB/CIN) and Reggie Nelson (FS/CIN)

      We can plug in Bobby McCain and Lippett into the rotation or go hard after Mack or VG.

      I am hoping we let OV walk. I don't see him as our replacement for JT. I think he gives us up on plays, and the tape I have seen shows it. I want someone that is going to attack the QB when we are down in the 4th qtr by 20 points.

      Never give up.

      I go OLB IF and ONLY IF Jaylon Smith is sitting there in the 2nd round. I keep him on IR all season. You don't pass on a player like that...even if it means he's redshirted.

    • Bahamas
      Bahamas commented
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      DF - you are absolutely right brov.

      LB - ON D
      QB - ON O

      Those are your media players. I don't think our MLB is on our team right now. I think Jenkins and Hewitt will be OLB and SLB. I think we will draft a LB in this year draft and I do hope it is Jaylon, but he won't play MLB, he will take on a OLB role.

      I really like Danny Trevathan out of Denver. He's a free agent and could come in and play ILB, moving Jenkins to MLB...just an idea.

      Don't write off Lippett. He belongs a CB. Re-watch the NE game, he played really well. He can run down RB (He was the reason we caught White) and played strong against LaFell.

      I like him....I like him a lot to make big progress this offseason. HIs shadowing is on top, but his footwork needs help, same as hip movement. But his reads are nice and the lack of experience is showing, but that can be taught.

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    DolphinsFreak commented
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    If the Dolphins would have drafted Gurley he would have broken his leg right now. The Dolphins have bad luck with players who have injuries. They should stay clear of most players with injuries. Their history of drafting busts in the early rounds is horrible so they need to try and draft players with less risks involved. Smith will probably be better then Ragland, but if the Dolphins draft him you just know he will be on IR before you know it. They need to draft he Best Safest Player Available.

    Yeah, you're probably right...Drew Brees better be thanking his lucky stars that we went with Daunte Culpepper's bum knee over his bum shoulder way back when..otherwise it would've been Culpepper winning SB's & breaking passing records and Brees would've been IR'd two or three years in a row by us before finally being declared a bust and fading into obscurity....


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