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  • Dolphins Offensive Cap Space

    The Dolphins’ defense is going to be a major handicap for the offense during the offseason.

    The team really just needs to do three things on offense before the season. First, they need to restructure Jordan Cameron’s deal. Then, they need to bring in veteran offensive linemen, and guards for depth. The third element of their plan, and possibly the most important, will be to resign Lamar Miller.

    If the Miami Dolphins can check off those three tasks as completed, it will leave them plenty of room to improve the defense using their remaining cap space and draft picks.

    The offense is not as far off as most believe, and if the team can get Adam Gase some solid offensive linemen, retain their tight end at a lower price, and bring back Lamar Miller to do the work out of the backfield required in Gase’s system, then that unit should be in good shape for the 2016 season.

    Later this week, Cap-onomics Defensive Edition will be released. Hint: it’s not going to be as easy as the team’s plans for the offensive side of the ball.

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