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Adam Gase Shouldn't Follow the Blueprint

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  • Adam Gase Shouldn't Follow the Blueprint

    I understand that the stigma is that you don’t build your team via free agency, however, there are some positions that it actually makes sense to do it. The overall benefit of building through the draft, is that it allows you to control your cap situation. That’s it.

    You have a selective rookie locked down during his development years for next to nothing. Point and Case Odell Beckham Jr; aka ODJ. Do you honestly believe that there is a more entertaining or better wide receiver in the game right now than ODJ? Julio Jones and Antonio Brown come to mind, but both players are on their second contracts and have a heavy hit on their selected teams cap, whereas ODJ is costing the Giants very little at this time for one of the best wide receivers in the game.

    Todd Bowles, the head coach of the New York Jets, basically built his secondary via free agency last year, agreeing to terms with Darrelle Revis , Antonio Cromartie and Buster Skrine. Bowles automatically upgraded his team without any element of a draft pick. There is a going concern or better yet approach that media analysts try to state over and over again, and that is teams should focus on the draft to make their team better. Personally, I don’t see it.

    Adam Gase is the youngest coach in the NFL, and honestly, he should pay no attention to what the selected approach is. Stephen Ross, has given Gase full control of the 53 man roster, if Gase wants to spend, then let him spend. Gase will have to clear up some cap space, but truthfully, with some obvious moves and restructuring of both Ryan Tannehill and Suh contract, the Miami Dolphins could have over 54 million in salary cap space.A seasoned veteran can walk in and start for you day one, and understand the complexity and game speed of the NFL, you can’t say that for a NFL rookie. Basically, rookies are allowed a grace period to develop and understand the game with the understanding that it is okay for them to make mistakes as they are learning and their “cap” situation is friendly.

    Build an offensive line that can actually protect your 19 million dollar quarterback. Target Evan Mathis once again, as he was only the 5th best rated guard in the NFL last year. The top available guard Kelechi Osemele, if the Ravens don’t tag him, bring him in as well. Pairing KO and Mathis with, Pouncey, Albert, James you now have a legit line that can keep your quarterback protected, something that Ryan hasn’t experienced his entire career.

    Copycat Bowles, and build a secondary that can compete, because right now only Rashad Jones is the player you can build around. Bring in two starting cornerbacks that have a mix of youth and experience. Trumaine Johnson and Leon Hall are an ideal fit for the Miami Dolphins. TJ is the best cornerback available in my opinion. If he signs with Miami, he would automatically take care of the alpha wide receiver. Leon Hall brings the experience and leadership that would be required for a young and promising prospects Tony Lippett and Bobby McCain.

    Louis Delmas is a great player, but he has never played a full 16 game season, and the Dolphins can’t rely on him to come back after 2 consecutive ACL tears. I feel for his family and him, but it's time to think about another solution. Tashaun Gipson and Reggie Nelson are both experienced free safeties that could come in and play nicely with Jones in the secondary. Nelson has ties with Vance Joseph during his tenure with the Bengals, and pairing him with Jones you now have a starting caliber secondary that will challenges opposing quarterbacks as they attempt to throw the ball.

    When all the dust settles, with this current plan, Gase could potentially address two of the weakest groups on the Miami Dolphins roster and automatically turn them into assets.

    Everyone has their opinion to follow their life plan, but honestly, you need to take the road less travelled once in awhile. Don’t follow the blueprint Gase, create your own and all of sudden the Dolphin fans will thank you for it.

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    Osemele , Mathis, Johnson, Hall And Gipson would make one heck of an offseason!! That iffseason right there would actually give me hope for the Gace hire and the Dolphins future.
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton


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      Don't forget TJ....he's the whip cream on top

      You then focus the draft on replacing OV....aka Shaq Lawson.

      In the 2nd you now have the ability to BPA...let it be QB or any other position..


      • DolphinsFreak
        DolphinsFreak commented
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        If they can find enough money for all those players I would be ecstatic about this offseason. Then, you know how excited I would be if they drafted a QB in the 2nd round. (Cook?) Maybe.

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      P.S. My above post only applies to these players being signed in a completely different way then the Dolphins usually do them. No low balling and No one year contracts!!
      "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton


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        Nice write up. IMO the offseason is a tango between FA and the draft, 50/50. Building through both is essential but the Dolphins haven't done that well the past several years.


        • Bahamas
          Bahamas commented
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          Name one 2nd round pick that has played out....beside Landry.

          Pat White
          Chad Henne
          Jamar Taylor
          Traded for DC
          Traded for AJ
          Jonathan Martin
          John Beck
          Eddie Moore

          so much wasted talent

        • DolphinsFreak
          DolphinsFreak commented
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          If you thought the 2nd round picks for the Dolphins were an indication as to why they have sucked for so long, take a look at their first picks over the past 20 years.

          Billy Milner
          Daryl Gardener
          Yatil Green
          John Avery
          James Johnson RB (2nd Round) - No First Round Pick
          Todd Wade (2nd Round Pick) - No 1st Round Pick
          Jamar Fletcher
          Seth McKinney (3rd Round) - No First OR 2nd Round Picks - 2002
          Eddie Moore (2nd Round) - No 1st Round Pick 2003
          Vernon Carey
          Ronnie Brown
          Jason Allen
          Ted Ginn Jr
          Jake Long
          Vontae Davis
          Jared Odrick
          Mike Pouncey
          Ryan Tannehill
          Dion Jordan
          Ju'Waan James

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        Originally posted by DolphinsFreak View Post
        Osemele , Mathis, Johnson, Hall And Gipson would make one heck of an offseason!! That iffseason right there would actually give me hope for the Gace hire and the Dolphins future.
        We have so many great IFFseasons...................................We need a good offseason....


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          This should be an open letter to Chris Grier though... as he'll be the one in charge of player acquisition via FA and the Draft.

          Hopefully, we'll have a GM and a HC working in unison on a unified vision for the offense and defense. For too long it's been the opposite...


          • Bahamas
            Bahamas commented
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            Or they could just hire me Cuch....

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