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Philbin vs Tannehill - Days Of Their Lives

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  • Philbin vs Tannehill - Days Of Their Lives

    The Soap Opera Continues..............................

    The struggles from the Miami Dolphins on the field this past season are well documented. The offensive line never came together as a unit and struggled in pass blocking. The defensive line was racked with injuries and never played at full strength. The cornerbacks struggled all season. The team chose not to run the ball, making the team a pass-only offense. And, quarterback Ryan Tannehill seemed to regress in 2015 after growing in each of his first three seasons. Last week, Miami Herald reporter Armando Salguero wrote about former Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin wanting to change quarterbacks before the 2014 season, looking to draft Derek Carr. When that did not happen, Philbin continued to distance himself from his quarterback, including a ridiculous week in which he would not say Tannehill was the starting quarterback leading into a game against the Oakland Raiders.

    It was a story that was not flattering to the coach, who seemed to only be half-hardheartedly supporting his quarterback.
    Tuesday morning, Salguero added to the story, and it again does not look great for Philbin. According to Salguero's report, Philbin "stayed silent about his desire to go in that other direction until mere days before the draft." He adds, as the Dolphins were winding down their draft preparation, thinking they were ready to put together their big board and execute a strategy, "a few days before the actual first round, Philbin made it known to some of his offensive assistants and the personnel department that he wanted to go in a different direction. The story was so strange, it still makes the rounds at Dolphins camp today.
    Salguero also writes that Philbin's doubts about Tannehill manifested themselves in Bill Lazor's offense, where, as the new offensive coordinator in 2014, Lazor was trying to settle in with his quarterback. Rather than trusting Tannehill, Lazor refused to allow the quarterback to play a part in the game planning and did not give him the ability to call audibles at the line of scrimmage.
    Salguero asks the exact questions that this situation causes: "Is it any wonder the production of Lazor's offense declined? Is it surprising Tannehill stopped improving at the rate he showed from 2013 to 2014?"
    Tannehill clearly was a quarterback on the way up until his coach - the coach that initially drafted him just two years prior and hired his Texas A&M head coach as the team's offensive coordinator to assist with the college-to-NFL transition - got infatuated with another quarterback. Tannehill was growing and becoming more confident in himself and his role in the offense until that offense changed and Tannehill was not allowed to take part in scheming for each game or changing out of plays that would not work.

    Now, the team's coaching staff has been gutted and cleaned out. Tannehill was given the ability to assist with the game planning near the end of the year, and he clearly seemed to be relieved that he was having some say in the offense he was running. This year, head coach Adam Gase, hired after a year of being the offensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears and two years as the Denver Broncos' offensive coordinator, is expected to spend time working with Tannehill. Gase is seen as a quarterbacks' coach, able to play to the strengths of the player, rather than trying to force him into a system that does not work for him. Tannehill should be able to resume his growth and development under Gase, and should be given the freedom to take part in the game planning and allowed to audible in the new system.

    If Tannehill is not able to resume his upward trajectory, it may turn out that he is not destined to be great. He appears to have a coach who will support him and work with him this year, rather than one who tells the media one thing, and the team another.

    REAL competition needs to be brought into Miami this season so that if the head coach and offensive coordinator (Which may be the same person this year....aha) give up on Tannehill, they at least have an option of going in a different direction. The front office NEVER gave the team a chance to go into a new/different direction because they never had any quality backups, other then Matt Moore and Pat Devlin. (Sorry Psyche) It's time this team brought in a QB who can push Tannehill, just like Philbin's threat to bench Tannehill pushed him into having one of the best games of his career.
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    Agree that a late round QB and Gase mentoring plus fixing the Oline should result in his upward trajectory. If after all this is done and he is stagnant then I say let's go get ourselves a real QB through the 2017 draft or a Vet FA.
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      Continued indictment of Philbin being a shitty HC. Who writes a 2nd year QB off and works against him the next 2 seasons where he clearly improved in years 2 and 3? Who insists that players like Tannehill or Suh adapt to ''scheme fit'' instead of tailoring play to what these guys do best? Philbin had only ever worked with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers and both were mature QBs he did nothing to aid as they were there when he arrived. Good riddance.

      Gase made some statements to the effect that he was going to firmly support him and help further his development to this point.

      "I think it's going to start with me. I think he needs a guy that's going to have his back; that he feels comfortable with right out the gate. And I'm going to be working directly with him. And then I am going to hire guys on the offensive staff to also help him develop. I feel like when we do put a staff together we are all going to be able to help him get a little bit better."


      • DolphinsFreak
        DolphinsFreak commented
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        My response was sophomoric because I was coming DOWN to your level. Your POOR JOE rant was immature as any post can get. Then when you LIE and try and put words in my mouth by claiming that I am blaming Tannehill for everything, then posting about blaming Miller and Suh for everything too is when your post entered into a grade school level debate. If anyone's views are clouded they are yours. You are the only person on this forum who backs Tannehill up even when he plays like crap. When it comes to Ryan Tannehill the glass is always full with you. I have had debates with other posters who have reversed their opinions because they have finally seen what you apparently are never going to see. As you just posted, there is nothing he can do to make you stop supporting him. You are basically stating that it doesn't matter if Tannehill costs the Miami Dolphins games, YOU will be supporting Tannehill being the starting quarterback just for the sake of your somehow being correct about him. It's posts like these that make me question the Dolphins fans. The fans who supported Fiedler when they knew he wasn't going to take the team anywhere. Then, even worse, all the arguments that I got into with the Henne fans and those arguments were so similar to the ones I am currently having it's comical. It's just a matter of time until the fans revolt and start making signs demanding that Tannehill be replaced. I am just posting here, I am not ranting and raving, but if you want to THINK that is what's happening on this end go right on thinking that. I am not ranting, raving or freaking out. I am laughing, smiling and typing about a mediocre quarterbacks who's days are numbered in a Dolphins uniform. :-)

      • cuchulainn
        cuchulainn commented
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        In summary, Joe Philbin was not a good HC and was rightfully fired. Tannehill is an above average but not elite nor Top 10 QB at this juncture. Hope Gase gets him over the hump otherwise we're set back another 4 or 5 years...

      • DolphinsFreak
        DolphinsFreak commented
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        I agree with you about Philbin. I might agree with you about Tannehill being an above average quarterback. I think there are about 17 quarterbacks that I would take over Tannehill but three of them I MIGHT pass on because of their age, they would be temporary fixes. If Gase lives up t the hype, I am hoping he can turn this team around quicker then 5 years, with or without Tannehill. I hope Gase and Co can fix all the issues Tannehill has problems with ( Fundamentals ) while bolstering the o-line.

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