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What are we going to do about the defense?!?!?

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  • What are we going to do about the defense?!?!?

    I am really concerned that most of our coaching hire and offseason talk from the team is centered around the offense. I get it that in today's NFL you have to have great QB play and score points, both which have been bad. But man..I am watching the playoffs and the teams that are featuring defense. Carolina, Arizona, Denver and NE. And although they also have good QBS I promise they aren't there without those defenses. So I wonder what the plan is on defense? No way we can contend without a stud LB and DB, and an overall upgrade in the remaining LB and DB players. This aspect of the team makes me more concerned than anything on offense.

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    It all depends on the coaching.....You can have the best players but if you can't coach them up? Well, we all know the answer to that.....


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      Vance has coached in a 3-4 system until he got to Cincy where they ran a 4-3. I can see us running a hybrid because of this and the personnel we have now. We need 2 ILBs(4-3 starter/depth and/or 2nd 3-4 ILB), OLB(strong side), a #1 CB, FS, 2 DEs(maybe 3 with Wake up in the air), DT and another NT/DT.


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        Agree with Ricky... and sure would be nice to have back some of the defensive talent we jettisoned the past 4 years under Philbin.

        Curious about our DC and mostly excited about our LBs coach. Hope we upgrade his crew.

        Also, the Bears blocked us from taking Clint Hurtt, who Gase wanted as our new DL Coach in place of Terrell Williams.


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          As of now we have Suh, Jones, and Jenkins. That's it, and the sky is falling.

          Add in Vernon, Wake, VG FA CB, top pick CB, and we have something to work with. I think we can fill in a few more pieces on the DL and maybe a safety. At LB, we need to get LUCKY in what we have, the draft or band aid type FA's.


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            DT We have Suh and Phillips as the starting DT's. I would release Mitchell since he is not worth his salary. I would then bring in a reasonably priced veteran free agent DT and maybe draft a DT in the later rounds. Most teams keep 4 DT's since you need a rotation and depth.

            DE I would either resign OV or just bring Wake back. We also have a decision to make on Shelby. I would resign him if he doesn't cost too much since he is a good rotational player. We also have Fede. We then either need to add another DE in free agency or the draft.

            LB We have Jenkins as the starting WLB. I would resign Shepard for depth if he doesn't cost too much. I would release Misi. We need to figure out if Jordan can play the SAM LB position. I would then draft a LB preferably someone who can play both inside and outside LB. I like what I saw from Neville Hewitt so he could be a good depth player and we also have McCain and Vigil as depth players.

            DB I would release Grimes and sign a free agent corner. I like Janoris Jenkins but we might have to settle for someone a little cheaper. I would like to draft Vernon Hargreaves in the first round but if he is unavailable then we can draft a corner in either rounds 2 or 3. Jamar Taylor will be in training camp. Hopefully he will be improved but we can't count on it. We also have Bobby and Brice McCain and Lippett as depth. We will probably keep 5 corners. Free agent, rookie as locks and Taylor Lippett and both McCain's competing for 3 spots.

            S The only certainty there is Jones. I would like to sign Tashaun Gipson in free agency but we might have to settle for a cheaper free agent. I might also draft a S in the later rounds. We probably keep 4 safeties. Jones and a free agent as locks and Thomas Aikens and a rookie competing for 2 spots.


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              Releasing Mitchell is probably hingent upon whether we move to a 3-4 or more of a hybrid, and whether we can find a suitable upgrade. Joseph knows Mitchell from Houston, where Mitchell played NT in their 3-4.

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