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Dolphins hire OC

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  • Dolphins hire OC

    I don't know anything about the guy.
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    Can we sign this guy?

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    Clyde Christensen

    Tampa Bay - Tight Ends Coach ( 1996 - 1998 )

    Tampa Bay - Quarterbacks Coach ( 1999 - 2000 )

    Tampa Bay - Offensive Coordinator ( 1 year - 2001)

    Colts - Wide Receivers Coach ( 2002 - 2007 )

    Colts - Wide Receivers Coach & Assistant Head Coach ( 2008 )

    Colts - Offensive Coordinator ( 2009 - 2011 )

    Colts - Quarterbacks Coach - ( 2012 - 2015 )

    Clyde Christensen enters his 14th season with the Indianapolis Colts and his fourth as the team’s quarterbacks coach. Christensen has also served as the team’s offensive coordinator (2010-11), assistant head coach/wide receivers (2008-09) and wide receivers coach (2002-07). During his tenure in Indianapolis, the Colts have made 12 trips to the playoffs (2002-2010, 2012-14), won nine division championships (2003-07, 2009-2010, 2013-14), made two Super Bowl appearances (2006 and 2009) and collected one Super Bowl Championship (2006).


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      So was he demoted from OC after the 2011 season? That's not a good sign.
      Can we sign this guy?


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        Rather have Gase call plays. Hopefully Clyde is just a game plan coordinator.
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          I believe that is the plan. Maybe this guy can learn from Gase and eventually step into that role.
          Can we sign this guy?


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            Maybe he is just an "OC" by title and was brought in to help with the development of the quarterbacks. Plural? I mean, he might have been hired to help with Tannehill?


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              I know nothing about the guy but at least he's coming from a winning organization and brings much needed experience to a pretty young coaching staff.


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                I was hoping for him to hire someone with more experience as an OC rather then a guy who has been bouncing around from one position coach to another, then to OC, then back down to another position coach. HIs resume looks a bit odd to me, how he goes up the "cooperate ladder" then back down that ladder. I know nothing about the guy so I don't have much to say other then I hope that this hire will help Gase do his job better and keep his focus on the task at hand, which hopefully will equate to many wins.


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                  The Colts get Philbin, and the Dolphins get Christensen (from the Colts). Sounds like an ugly episode of Celebrity Wife Swap.......and everyone gets screwed....


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                    Originally posted by Tarpon Guide View Post
                    The Colts get Philbin, and the Dolphins get Christensen (from the Colts). Sounds like an ugly episode of Celebrity Wife Swap.......and everyone gets screwed....
                    lol, no doubt...Thankfully, unlike CWS, we don't get the Missus back after a week!!!


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                      Considering that Gase is going to call the plays and run the offense this makes sense. This guy has worked with Manning and Luck successfully, although I give anyone who has worked with Manning got a free pass working with that guy. But all I can say is...we will see how this all comes together. Either it will be young roster of up and coming superstar coaches or a flop. Still worried about the defense and the coaches there.


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                        He does have experience in working with talented QB's with bad OL's.


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                          Hiring into the OC role means he'll be involved in game planning, but probably with Gase calling plays on the sidelines. As Gase will be on the sideline, Clyde most likely will be his eyes up in booth.

                          As we also interviewed Frank Reich recently, I wouldn't be surprised if we hired Reich directly as Tannehill's QB coach. Whether we do or not, it'll be Tannehill's first involvement with true veteran position coaching from these guys.

                          2016 is make or break for Tannehill. Hope he makes it. Really don't want to see him fail and have to start over with a rookie QB.

                          New GM and coaching staff. We need to churn 11 players combined on O and D. Hope we can finally fix the OL and make life better for all.


                          • Idahomer
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                            I hear you cuch, I have a bunch of crow in the freezer I'm waiting to serve up and it's getting freezer burnt lol..

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                          I'm jumping up and down with joy. Superbowl bound.

                          ​The Colts kept him around for a reason and he's had some really good talent to work with as well. The O-lines of late in Indy have been bad and they have been bottom dwellers in rushing for years. Lots of work to do.


                          • DolphinsFreak
                            DolphinsFreak commented
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                            I'd prefer that he had worked with bad quarterbacks then he turned into really good quarterbacks. It would be like if he was a quarterbacks coach in the 80's and his resume stated that he worked with the Dolphins and the 49ers. Really? He helped Marino and Montana improve their games? OR, was he just a witness to some quarterbacks who were already excellent and watched their careers go in the same direction they would have gone if he wasn't there. Hopefully we will see some changes on the offensive line and the defense!

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                          My understanding is that he was the OC when Pagano came on board as the HC and Pagano decided instead of letting him go he could stay on as the QB coach. If true, he really wasn't demoted but kept on instead of being fired like all the rest of the coaches were. Take it with a grain of salt as this was the explanation over in my other group and I don't know if it's 100% accurate.
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