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NFL Salary Cap- A Closer Look

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  • NFL Salary Cap- A Closer Look

    There are many posts on who the Dolphins should be signing and for how much. I think there are some who do not follow the cap, and how much things have changed.

    Just a few short years ago, the salary cap was at $123M. Then, the new TV deals kicked in. The cap has risen $10M a year and is projected to be over $150M this year. That is not the end of it. In 2017, it projects to be $160M, 2018 at $170M, 2019 at at $180M, and 2020 at $190M. At this point it is expected to level off. Not saying this will definitely happen but, it does appear to be likely. That's a whole lotta more money for teams to spend on players.

    Add in that the new CBA forces teams to spend 90% of that over 4 years. The cheap teams of the past can no longer be cheap. This additional spending depletes the FA market as teams keep their own or, now become players.

    When the Dolphins are sorting out who and how much to play, this most definitely comes into play. The new 5 year deals have to take this into consideration as the increase increase what any team can spend and guarantee in the future. The "elite" $10M a year deals are no longer elite.

    Something to think about in what our team will be doing this year with OV, Miller, etc. The price of poker has gone up.

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    This is a VG read on Suh's contract with figures on a restructure this year. IMO, the restructure makes no sense for the future of this team. I do not see the need to do anything this year but, to take the $28M hit. The author points out that guaranteed money is over with in 2017 when the hit is reduced to $15M. We would still be on the hook for the prorated bonus of $5M a year, $10M in 2018 but that's it.

    Suh will be 31 in 2018, and we would have options of a brand new deal with guarantees, trading or cutting him. As you can see in the chart, we do not have any option if we do what many think we now should.

    I do not see any need as we can free up $40M or so with doing nothing. A restructure now would be a mistake.

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      Yeah, given the increase in the CAP the next couple seasons, it may be better to eat that $28.6M this season... pros and cons... given Suh's age and Cap number, he may be gone by 2019 anyway.


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