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Lots more coaching hires around the league....

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  • Lots more coaching hires around the league....

    Chip Kelley to the 49'ers

    ​Doug Pederson to the Eagles

    Bob McAdoo to the Giants

    Hue Jackson to the Browns

    Dirk Koetter to the Bucs

    How do you think the Phins selection of Adam Gase stands up in comparison? Personally.....I think we did well from a perception and execution stand point. We determined the guy we wanted and got him quickly (with him clearly wanting to be in Miami too). It'll take some time to know who made the best hires, but I feel pretty good about Miami after seeing our competition's results.

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    I think it would be much more reassuring IF the Dolphins top 3 candidates were all hired. Since the Dolphins started out with 25 head coaching candidates and then "widdled" those names down to 3 coaches, and NONE of their other 'top coaches" have been hired I have to wonder if the fans knew what they were doing more so then the Dolphins front office. If the Dolphins made the correct decision and knew what they were doing in this coaching search I am wondering why Campbell wasn't hired as a head coach and why Marrone is still unemployed.

    I am obviously not wondering these things because Campbell wasn't qualified and I am embarrassed that the top brass of the Dolphins had him as their top 3 candidate.

    I am surprised though that the Big Named coaches are still available. Hue Jackson is probably the biggest name on that list. Shanahan, Coughlin, Smith, Schwartz, Marrone, McDaniels, Patricia, Shula, etc all have not been hired. (I know some haven't had interviews because they are still playing, like Mike Shula)

    The biggest question with Gase, to me, is how he plans to change this offense. TWO offensive coordinators have come and gone since Tannehill was drafted. BOTH of them had different schemes but oddly enough their offenses looked almost identical. SO, my question is this, "Is Gase going to be able to run a different offense with Tannehill under center OR is he going to be FORCED to run the same offense that has gotten TWO other offensive coordinators fired because of Tannehill's weaknesses?
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      #1- Hue Jackson was a good hire by the Clowns but they're the Clowns
      #2- Chip Kelly more than likely won't have total control. Kelly was a bad GM but is a good coach and is getting a good zone read QB. That was a good fit for the 49ers.
      #3- Dolphins


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        My top choice was Hue Jackson and the only thing against him was his last rant with the raiders. I simply brushed it off as something he learned from and matured. After watching the whole Presser yesterday and his 3rd person usage of constantly calling himself by name as Iff talking about someone else which made me realize that Hue still loves Hue a little too much. I am now very happy with Gase and will take my chances.
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          I am pleased with the Dolphins hiring of Adam Gase and I think he compares favorably to the other hires around the NFL today. I think he can help Tannehill improve and take his game to the next level.


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            When you look at who has been hired thus far, I have to think we got the best while the others got boned.


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              Similar to looking at the schedule before the season even starts & trying to predict our record, it's a complete waste of time...There's no way to tell which (if any) of these teams made the right choice, let alone the better choice..More telling to me is that Dan Campbell made the cut for our final 3; tells me there's a serious flaw in our process...


              • 61finfan
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                That was courtesy more than anything

              • Driven_Phinsane!
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                IMO, it was a courtesy to give him an interview at all..but it's been reported that he was on their cut to a final three...

              • Dolfan1
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                None of their final three were in my top three so by years end I should know if they truly do know more than we do about who is best for this team. For all our sakes I hope none of my top three out perform any of theirs.

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