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    The Cincinnati Bearcats have hired Zac Taylor to be their new offensive coordinator. Already on staff is ex-Dolphins offensive line coach, Jim Turner. So, the Miami Dolphins are such a powerhouse in the NFL that if a coach gets fired they get to coach the Bearcats.

    I am still trying to figure out why the Dolphins have been so bad for so many years. Philbin did a great job on hiring Sherman and allowing him to take over the team. After all, Zac Taylor is Sherman's son-in-law and Jim Turner is Sherman's cousin. Nepotism is the key to success in business and all areas of life. Way to go, Sherman! Congratualtions. Philbin, for allowing Sherman's family to set the Miami Dolphins back decade. I know you had help because prior to you coming to town Parcells and Ireland did a number on this organization too.
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    Sub .500, here we come!


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