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    The Dolphins got "their" man in HC Gase but the OC is up in the air. Gase will be calling the plays and will be tasked with polishing Tannehill into a consistently good QB and putting more points on the board. That's a tall order for a first time HC. Finding an OC to take some of this pressure off will be crucial for Gases success so he can be more focused on being the head man and working with the QB. From Gases previous stops and the addition of OL coach Foerster it's safe to say we will continue to use the ZBS. With all this said there's only one guy that I think would fit the position like a glove and that's Tom Cable.

    Why Tom Cable?
    Cable is a leader of men, has HC experience and is IMO the best (besides Mike Shanahan) in todays NFL at running the ZBS. This move would be beniftial to both Gase and Cable. Gase would get the benefit of having Cable working more towards the running game and Oline while getting experienced advice so Gase can focus on what he was brought here for. Cable gets the benefit of moving back up the ranks to be a HC again as he learned the hard way that punching others is frowned upon in the NFL.

    Cable, while in Atlanta, learned under the godfather of the ZBS in Alex Gibbs. While there they helped coach a rushing attack with a mobile QB that produced over 8,100 yards and over 5 YPC in 3 years. Cable went on to Oakland as OC then HC where he coached 1000 yard rushing attacks. Now in Seattle as the OL coach using the ZBS for years he has helped coach 1000 yard rushing attacks and Superbowl contenders. This year Cable was tasked to coach the lowest paid OL in the league with little talent on top of losing Marshawn Lynch and then Thomas Rawls. The results started bad but improved as the year went on resulting in another year of playoffs. Thomas Rawls started 7 games after Lynch went down producing 830 yards and 5.6 YPC. Lynch has produced over 5000 yards the past 4 years running behind a Cable coached OL. Cable proved he can coach up a bad OL and always produced a good running game.

    So this is why I think Cable would be the perfect fit. Thoughts?

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    We NEED someone who is willing to deliver some punches. I'm tired of us being the punching bag of the league. It's us and the Browns as being the two biggest jokes in the NFL. I personally love Greg Knapp but already get the feeling, like Tannenbaum, that Gase is going to try to take on more than he can chew and show everyone how smart he is. I can see him hiring a guy more like Zac Taylor to come in as OC and just say yes to everything he says. I think you prove your smarts by surrounding yourself with as many smart people as you can.


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      Originally posted by kelbail2.2 View Post
      We NEED someone who is willing to deliver some punches. I'm tired of us being the punching bag of the league. It's us and the Browns as being the two biggest jokes in the NFL. I personally love Greg Knapp but already get the feeling, like Tannenbaum, that Gase is going to try to take on more than he can chew and show everyone how smart he is. I can see him hiring a guy more like Zac Taylor to come in as OC and just say yes to everything he says. I think you prove your smarts by surrounding yourself with as many smart people as you can.
      ​Yup I agree. I to have a feeling a yes man will be the next OC. This team DOES need someone to throw the punches and command a locker room and Cable can do it whether Gase can or can't.


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        I love the idea.....what he has done in Seattle has made them a real contender again. I like the Seahawks a lot and follow them closely (though not like Miami of course). He lost several good players on OL and two excellent backs. He's now relying on a guy they waived a few months ago. Not one word of complaint. Make changes, shuffle people around. Get them coached up and working together. Oh....and win. Lots.

        ​I'd like to see that in Miami.


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          Tom Cable??????? Wasn't he fired by the Raiders over scandals, including punching an assistant coach and also involved in some Domestic Violence issues with a couple women?

          Not my choice for a position with us at all.


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            I think the Dolphins should hire an offensive coordinator because I agree with Vaider that it is way too much to ask of a first time head coach to call the plays on offense in addition to being a head coach. If he really is supposed to transform Tannehill somehow that is just spreading Gase out too thin and he will not be able to succeed in all those areas. Wait!! Tannehill just got another excuse to buy him another four years with the team. Gase was hired to make Tannehill a better quarterback but because he is a first time head coach and trying to call all the plays on offense, he wasn't able to focus much attention on Tannehill. So, Ross will allow him to hire an OC in 2017 once the 5th year of the Tannehill experiment fails again.

            I wouldn't hire Cable though. He was accused of domestic violence against three different women. His TWO ex-wives accused him of assault as did his ex-girlfriend. Unless all three women conspired together to make all this up, which is highly unlikely, I would have to assume that Cable may have issues that the Dolphins don't need, they currently have enough problems with their organization.
            "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton

            “The only thing worse then a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!” - Tennessee Williams


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              Women: Cable has violent history

              Nov 2, 2009
              Two women, including his former wife and a recent girlfriend, say that Oakland Raiders coach Tom Cable has a history of violent behavior toward women.
              In separate interviews with ESPN's "Outside the Lines," Sandy Cable and Marie Lutz say that Cable hit them during relationships dating back more than 20 years.

              Cable's alleged temper has been in the news since August, when Oakland assistant coach Randy Hanson accused Cable of breaking his jaw during an altercation in a coaches meeting.
              On Oct. 22, Napa County district attorney Gary Lieberstein said he would not pursue charges against Cable, citing inconsistencies in Hanson's story that were not corroborated by the three assistants in the room at the time.
              But the two women interviewed by "Outside The Lines" say that Cable, in his first full season as the Raiders' head coach, physically abused them at various times during their relationships.
              In 1989, Sandy Cable sought a temporary order of protection, which said, in part, "On two occasions, one back in '86 and the other in '88, he hit me. The second time in the face, however on attempts to call law enforcement, my husband would rip the phone out of the wall."
              A third woman, Cable's second wife Glenda, said in documents related to the couple's 2008 divorce that "in the past he has been physically and verbally abusive to me." Glenda and Tom Cable were married for 17 years. She declined to speak to "Outside The Lines", but is currently receiving support payments from Cable.
              Glenda Cable's attorney on Saturday issued a statement to OTL which contradicted the statements in the divorce documents.
              "I have known Tom Cable for more than 20 years, including 17 years of marriage," Glenda Cable said in the statement. "Throughout the time I have known him, Tom has never been violent to me or our children. I chose not to speak to the media before now to protect my privacy and that of my children. However, I am very troubled by what is being claimed by others and I felt compelled to speak out about my own lengthy experience with Tom."

              Lutz, who dated Cable as recently as January 2009, said she remembers Cable hitting her "three, four times." She described a scene in a car after they left a restaurant where "[Cable] just got so angry I could not recognize him."
              Last Jan. 6, Lutz said she came to Cable's house early in the morning and found another woman there. According to a police report from Alameda, Calif., Lutz became "very upset" and "demanded to meet the woman." Lutz told police that after an altercation, Cable "grabbed her by the left arm, causing her to fall to the ground" and "eventually pick[ed] her up and pushed her out the front door."
              Lutz went to the emergency room and was treated for back pain and a contusion. Lutz also told police Cable had grabbed her by the neck several months earlier.
              She did not press charges with any police jurisdictions.
              Cable remarried in May, according to a statement issued on Carol Cable's behalf by Tom Cable's attorney. In the statement, Carol Cable said she was the woman in Cable's house the morning of Jan. 6 when Lutz showed up unannounced. Even though Carol Cable told Alameda police that she did not see Lutz that morning, according to a police report, Carol Cable now says she heard her getting angry.
              "I was present at Tom's house when Marie Lutz came to the house in January of this year," her statement reads, in part. "At approximately 5 a.m., we heard someone pounding very loudly on the front door and ringing the doorbell over and over again.
              "When Tom opened the door, Ms. Lutz told him she needed to talk to him, that she needed his help, and begged him to let her into the house," the statement said. "After she entered the house, the two of them had a verbal exchange. At no time did Tom commit any act of violence toward her. After not getting what she wanted from Tom, Ms. Lutz screamed at Tom 'I am going to ruin your [expletive deleted] life and I am going to ruin your [expletive deleted] career if it is the last thing I ever do.' "
              Sandy Cable told OTL that she called the police when she was married to him, but she didn't receive any support from local law enforcement officers in Idaho, where they lived. "I was quite young, didn't understand the system," she said. "This was prior to domestic abuse being a big issue ... before mandatory arrest laws."
              Sandy Cable said that, when she and Tom Cable broke up, she suggested counseling. "That angered him even further," she said.
              Through his attorneys, Cable declined to comment earlier. On Sunday, he released a statement through his agent and attorney Donald Yee, saying "on only one occasion in my life have I ever touched a woman inappropriately."
              "More than 20 years ago, during my first marriage, I became aware that my wife Sandy had committed adultery. I became very angry and slapped her with an open hand. What I did was wrong and I have regretted and felt sorrow about that moment ever since," Cable said in his statement. " ... The incident involving Ms. Lutz, in which she came to my home uninvited, was fully investigated by the Alameda Police Department and I cooperated fully with that investigation. I never battered her in any way. The police concluded, correctly, that I had done nothing wrong and that was the end of the matter."
              Sandy Cable followed up her former husband's statement with her own Sunday, saying, "He constantly made accusations throughout the relationship. There was never any infidelity on my part. And he did not slap me, he punched me."
              After Sunday's game, Cable was asked if these off-field issues wear on him.
              "Who knows, maybe they're tied together," Cable said. "You know that's really all I can say about it. Like I said, I gave an earlier statement that was released and I'm going to stand by it."
              The NFL had been considering whether to discipline Cable under the league's personal conduct policy, which specifically identifies workplace violence.
              League spokesman Greg Aiello issued a statement Sunday saying the NFL would review the matters "in conjunction with the Raiders and consistent with our personal conduct policy."
              The Raiders had no comment before Sunday's game.
              "We've got nothing to say right now," Raiders senior executive John Hererra said.
              Cable, 44, was the Raiders' offensive line coach in 2007-08 but took over as head coach when Lane Kiffin was fired four weeks into the 2008 season.
              He broke into the NFL in 2007 as an offensive line coach with the Atlanta Falcons. Cable coached at eight universities between 1987 and 2005, including four seasons as head coach at the University of Idaho.
              Cable had been accused of assaulting and threatening to kill Hanson at a meeting at the team's training camp hotel in Napa, Calif., on Aug. 5. Hanson was treated for a broken jaw following the incident.
              Hanson reportedly did not want to press charges when he went to the hospital, but officials contacted local authorities.
              When interviewed, Raiders assistant coaches John Marshall, Lionel Washington and Willie Brown did not back Hanson's version of events, telling investigators that Cable did not punch Hanson or make any verbal threats.

              Lieberstein, in declining to prosecute Cable, said the coaches told police that Cable became angry and rushed toward Hanson, but Washington stepped between the two. Cable ran into Washington, who bumped into Hanson and knocked him out of his chair. The witnesses also told authorities that Cable then grabbed Hanson by the shirt but never struck or threatened him.
              Why are Sandy Cable and Lutz talking now? Sandy Cable told "Outside the Lines" she spoke up "because it continues to happen."
              Lutz said she wants Cable to get help for his anger. "This is the reason why I'm here now," Lutz said.
              Information from ESPN reporter Colleen Dominguez and The Associated Press was included in this report. Paula Lavigne, a reporter for ESPN's Enterprise Unit, also contributed.

              Two women, including his former wife and a recent girlfriend, say that Oakland Raiders coach Tom Cable has a history of violent behavior toward women.


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                Yeah, Seattle can keep Cable... lol...

                Not sure Gase completely needs an OC in more than name anyway. Mike McCarthy was also a 1st time HC who acted as his own OC. Philbin was his assistant and OC in name only. Again, I'm taking a wait and see before being all in Gase. At least he's more accomplished than our last several HCs...


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                  JERSEY CITY – It has been a little more than three years since the Oakland Raiders fired Tom Cable, who hasn't gotten beyond the feeler stage for another head coaching job since.
                  He thinks he knows why. He hears the whispers about his past. And there's not much Cable can say to quiet them.
                  So, he keeps showing up for work with the Seattle Seahawks, playing a larger role in their success than many realize and hoping Tom Cable the coach eventually gets league executives to take a closer look at Tom Cable the person.
                  "I tell people to take the time to figure out who I really am, what I'm about," Cable told USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday at The Westin Jersey City Newport, the Seahawks' headquarters leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII against the Denver Broncos.
                  "It'll be that way, and that's OK. That's life. But when you understand what really happened – and you can't change perception. You let time do that, and you let your actions prove it."

                  No one seems to remember the Raiders went undefeated against the AFC West in Cable's second full season as head coach in 2010 and improved from 5-11 to 8-8, their first non-losing record in eight years.
                  Everyone remembers the allegation by former Raiders assistant Randy Hanson that Cable broke his jaw and teeth in a training camp fight, even though an NFL investigation yielded no punishment and the Napa County District Attorney's Office declined to file criminal charges.
                  "I loved the way he handled the team when he was a head coach," said Seahawks tight end Zach Miller, who played for the Raiders from 2007 to '10. "He does have an unfair stigma attached to him for something that he didn't even do."
                  Soon after, there were allegations by one of Cable's ex-wives and a recent ex-girlfriend that he physically abused them. Court documents showed his second wife alleged in divorce papers she also had been abused, but later issued a statement saying Cable never had been violent.
                  Late Raiders owner Al Davis stuck by his coach through all of that in the fall of 2009, then let Cable's contract expire after 2010. Weeks later, Davis – months before his death – called Cable a liar and said he'd withheld $120,000 in paychecks for exposing the club to legal action.

                  Married a third time in May 2009, Cable has four children, including two boys who often can be seen around the Seahawks' facility, where his reputation is sterling. But Cable knows his temper will be a main point of scrutiny for anyone considering making him the face of a franchise again.
                  "A lot of people have a perception, whatever that is, but I'm a good guy," Cable said. "I'm good to my kids, my wife, my friends. I look out for people, do a lot for others, and coach this thing as hard as I can every day."
                  It has paid dividends for the Seahawks, who hired Cable as assistant head coach/offensive line two weeks after the Raiders let him go in January 2011 and tasked him with putting in run and protection systems.
                  Before offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell presents the Seahawks' passing game installation each week in the meeting room, it's Cable who lays out the rushing attack that has ranked third and fourth in the NFL the past two seasons, respectively.
                  "It's very unique the way our meetings are run," receiver Percy Harvin said. "When Coach Cable gets up there, it's more of a head coach's mentality rather than just getting up there and going through the run game."

                  To players, they're co-coordinators, even though Bevell calls the plays on game day. That's the way coach Pete Carroll wanted it when he hired them in 2011, sitting them down individually and then together to explain exactly how the operation should run.
                  "We have great, open communication together," Bevell said. "We're conversing all the time during the week, conversing all the time during the game, trying to get us into the right situations, both run and pass."
                  In Carroll's words, the two have "developed a really tremendous harmony on that side of the ball," which is one way of saying they've found a way to mesh their disparate personalities into balance.
                  Bevell, 44, has become more assertive since his early days as a coordinator in Minnesota. But players know it's Cable, 49, they'll have to deal with if they falter.
                  "He's really blunt about it. He just cuts straight to the core of what it is," Miller said. "He doesn't dance around any issues or lay off guys. He digs into you if he needs to."
                  Bevell has gotten several NFL head coaching interviews over the past two years. Dan Quinn, in his first season as the Seahawks' defensive coordinator, had multiple interviews this month as well. But Cable is still waiting for the first formal call.
                  He knows he might have to keep waiting awhile longer, too. The past is still too close to the present, no matter how bright the present is.
                  "Big-time, I want to do it," Cable said of being a head coach again. "But I'm also having a blast doing what I'm doing right now.
                  "When someone takes the time to know who I am, it'll happen and it'll be for the right reasons. When the right time comes and they take the time to really see who I am, someone's going to get a great coach."


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                    Conclusion: Cable slapped his first wife after she committed adultery and became divorced. His second wife ended with a divorce and in the DIVORCE PAPERS his 2nd wife said Cable abused her but later said that was not true. His girlfriend (3rd relationship) said Cable abused her. When Cable had the altercation with Hanson both Cables 1st wife and x-girlfriend came out of the woodworks with allegations and his second wife came out and said Cable was never abusive. So NO CHARGES were filed on Cable by either his 1st wife, 2nd wife, ex-girlfriend or Hanson. The NFL did an investigation into this as well and did not punish Cable as there were NO CRIMINAL CHARGES.


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                      What about his punching an assistant coach?

                      Whether all this is true or not, the guy has issues controlling his emotions and temperament.

                      So Cable is the mastermind behind the Seahawks offense and Bevell just calls the plays? Sounds reminiscent of what we heard about Philbin being the Packers OC mastermind and McCarthy just calling plays...


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                        I didn't know that history about him....and that's just headache we DO NOT need.


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                          An NFL coach reportedly punched an assistant in the face and broke his jaw. I'd give you three guesses as to whom, but I'm pretty sure you'd only need one.
                          Fanhouse reports that Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable punched defensive assistant Randy Hansonearlier this month during an altercation at the team's training facility in Napa, Calif. Hanson was taken to the hospital and suffered a broken jaw, but declined to press charges.
                          Police wouldn't identify the victim or attacker for confidentiality reasons (even though a spokesman had no problem talking at length about the incident), but FanHouse quotes a "well-placed source" that says of the attacker:
                          "It's a well-known coach. Very well-known."
                          I'd contend that on the "known" scale Cable is closer to "barely" than "well" but that's just semantics.
                          The details are still sketchy in this story, so we'll reserve full judgment on the incident until all the facts are leaked come out. We don't know what provoked Cable, if it was indeed a sucker punch (as some sources have alleged) or whether this was some sort of hazing ritual that all Al Davis employees have to go through.
                          Hanson, it should be noted, has ruffled the feathers of a superior before. He was suspended by then-head coach Lane Kiffin last year after questioning the team's game plan following a 31-point loss to Denver.
                          The good news for Cable is that Oakland is probably the only place in the NFL where a coach can break the jaw of an assistant and earn respect of fans.
                          Update: After refusing to discuss the "internal incident" during a routine press conference, Cable spoke with ESPN and denied punching Hanson. He didn't deny flipping Hanson out of his chair and causing the defensive assistant to break his jaw on a cabinet though, which is what one scout has written on his Twitter account.
                          Two facts seem incontrovertible: Cable and Hanson got into an altercation on August 5 and it resulted in Hanson going to the hospital. Beyond that, reports are conflicting.
                          During stretching excersises on Monday, Raiders players reportedly chanted "Cable buma ye", a reference to a chant residents of Zaire would serenade Muhammad Ali with as he trained in the country for his famous 1974 bout with George Foreman. The translation: "Cable, kill him." Guess we know whose side the players are on.


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                            Originally posted by Alpha View Post
                            I didn't know that history about him....and that's just headache we DO NOT need.
                            I didn't either until Cuch brought it up which is why I posted this stuff.


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                              I have seen a few different places Gase doesn't have an OC yet because he is still coaching in the playoffs. The name I have seen/heard is Greg Knapp. He and Gase have a history and Knapp would be that strong veteran coach Gase needs on staff. I am hoping this is the rumor as I think it would be a very good hire, He is also another coach that knows and comes from the Shanahan style (via Kubiak).


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