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Chandler Jones OD's at Gronk's House

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  • Chandler Jones OD's at Gronk's House


    The pills taken by Jones aren’t known. In theory, he could be subject to NFL action if the substance has been banned by the NFL. The medical records generated by the trip to the hospital undoubtedly contained information regarding what Jones ingested.
    Automatic suspension would arise only if the compound is a PED. For street drugs, an initial violation would result at worst in placement in the league’s substance-abuse program, along with enhanced testing. Multiple violations typically are required before a suspension occurs.
    UPDATE 8:37 p.m. ET: The report from WEEI initially claimed that the overdose happened at teammate Rob Gronkowski’s house. That tweet has been deleted, replaced by a new one that reiterates the overdose report, but that does not say where it occurred.

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    Saw that and I hope he gets suspended for a long time. If it was illegal maybe he can be lookin at some time. Please test Gronk before the playoffs!
    The deeper the roots, the higher the reach.


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      There will be a cover-up until after the Super Bowl, unless of course the Patriots are knocked off before then. Either way, my prediction is that the NFL allows Jones to play and doesn't investigate this situation until AFTER they know whether or not their favorite team is going to be able to win a Super Bowl or not. They will sweep this under the rug until they either lose in a playoff game of when the Super Bowl is over. It's The NFL Way..................


      • Alpha
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        That's what I said (almost verbatim) when I read the story on PFT.

      • DolphinsFreak
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        It's sad that the NFL has come to a point where we think this way. The Patriots fans will pretend they are victims somehow in all this while the rest of the leagues fans will feel the same way we do, that even if Jones was using PED's it won't be handled in a swift way like it would if he were on another team that wasn't the league's favorite. I will be rooting for the Chiefs this weekend.

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      Patriot Chandler Jones CHEATED death..why is anyone surprised?!


      • AquaXI
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        I swear DP you should be writing for late night heheh!

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      lmao @ Chris Carter's comments on this. As a former drug addict, he has some special insights here...

      “I don’t know this, um, I think that the synthetic marijuana story might be just a story,” Carter said. “Just for me, it don’t pass the smell test for me. To me, I think that — I think he was smoking marijuana, and I think he was smoking some marijuana laced with PCP, or angel dust. And I think that’s what made him trip out. Now, he could have been smoking synthetic, but it’s a better story — it’s a better story to tell: ‘That’s the reason I’m here.’ So when he got to the police station, why was he smelling like marijuana? Because synthetic doesn’t smell like marijuana. So for me, I don’t know all the details of the case, but I’m just a little — uh, the synthetic, that’s a better way to put it.”


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