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looking at tannehill and stats

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  • looking at tannehill and stats

    okay looking at THill in most games and the stats you see that he has been sacked more than any one probably ever was(don't know that stat).
    then you see the stat that he passes for something like 4200 yrds!
    then you see the stat that miami averaged ,I think under 20 points a game.
    and of coarse they ended with a 6-10 record.

    4200 yrds and you average under 20 points a game?
    4200 yrds and your record is 6-10?
    4200 yrds and your sacked more than anyone maybe ever was

    this all seems like it doesn't add up and what it says to me is, tannehill moved the ball through the unimportant yards of the field(yards up to the red zone) and when he got to the part of the field that matters and takes the most talent or execution to succeed in he seems to not have what it takes,and that kind of explains the under 20 pts a game and the 6-10 record.
    how do you get 4200 yrds and getting sacked that much, was alot of those yrds from receivers getting yards after the catch and making Thill's stats look good and that's more of a testament to the wr's?

    me watching every game what I saw was a qb that didn't deserve to be the starting qb. a qb that most times couldn't come up with that one needed play that could have made the different out come in a game.
    a qb that stood in the pocket like a statue with no pocket presence even when he was given more than 3 sec.
    a qb that showed as much emotion as philbin showed and that bugged the living crap out of me!!!!
    a qb that in the 1st half of some games it was like someone just wound him up and put him out there and he was just going through the motions like a robot and couldn't deviate from the plan if needed!
    I'm wondering if they will bring in a quality qb or draftee into training camp to compete with him or is it another free ride for Thill in TC because they hired a guy to fix him,like a spuddering ,smoking car!

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    At this point we have to see if the O-line gets upgraded and what kind of scheme is set for this offense. This will be Tannehil's fourth O-coordinator and possibly third different scheme. With a new HC brought in specifically to make Tannehill succeed, the onus is on him. This season, Tannehill has to be the one to prove he can lead this team and he has to be able to find ways to put this team on his back and win the game. If that means having to throw the ball more than 30 times in a game, he must do it.


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