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  • Which camp wants this out?

    About Philbins non confidence in Tannahill. Is it Philbins camp to show he had a great backup plan( Carr ) and his hands were tied. Yet Joe feels he knows talent. Or Tannenbaums camp to show that on top of lack of leadership and mediocre game plans. Tannenbaum wanted to show that a HC and Franchise QB( in his mind) must be on the same page and thus it was inevitable.
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    It's my contention that the coaches that were interviewed were weeded out by those who had a backbone and showed any signs of mental toughness. This head coaching search was a farce, it was conducted on the sole basis that they were going to find a Yes Man who would be willing to roll with Tannehill as the teams clear cut starter and/or "franchise" quarterback. They could have been interviewing Belichick and if he told them he didn't feel Tannehill was the guy, they would have pushed his name into the garbage can along with anyone else who didn't think they were correct about him. Tannenbaum is in the process of destroying this team much like he did with the Jets. Enjoy the show all of you who still have hope that things will somehow work themselves out with this Junior College coaching staff that John Wayne GaseY will try to assemble.
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      John wyane Gasey! Now that's funny! haha

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      Someone on another forum said Gase resembles Putin hehehe.

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