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Expectations For Gace In 2016?

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  • Expectations For Gace In 2016?

    No idea what talent the FO will give him, and waay too early for projecting wins. however, are you looking for him to do a quick turn around or, being patient to give him a year to just see a positive direction in what he is installing into the team?

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    I have no expectations. They never meet them anyway so what's the point of having any?
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    • Tarpon Guide
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      I expect him to fail just like all the others that have failed here......

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    My expectation is to see the team compete and get better all year. At the end of next season, I want the team ready to make a push for the playoffs in year two.


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      12-4. Really. I mean if RT is the only problem and we have the QB whisperer. Not joking. Tired of waiting/give him a chance. Mad at my outlook? Well the owner is looking at SB's. So he is talking about the high bar. No excuses.


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        I just want to see improvement in all areas of the team especially from Tannehill since Gase is supposed to be a QB whisperer. I don't think we could be any worse than we were this year since we ranked near the bottom of the NFL both in offense and defense.

        I want for the Dolphins to be a perennial winner and compete for SB's and hopefully win some. I don't have any illusions that its going to happen overnight so I will have patience. If I don't see things moving in the right direction after 2 years then I will start to worry.


        • Dolfan1
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          "I don't think we could be any worse than we were this year "

          Bite your tongue dude, NEVER say we can't be worse.

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        On O, he will have considerable talent if we keep Miller and Cam at skill positions. The OL IF AND WHEN healthy needs a couple of upgrades. I can see him showing improvement and the right direction but, it is still gonna be a new scheme once again for players to adapt to.

        On D, the DL can be VG IF we keep OV, Phillips develops, and maybe keep Wake and Shelby. Past that, we have Jenkins at LB and Jones at safety. The FO could add a VG young CB in place of Grimes, could draft Hargraves, and could add a vet LB or two as band aids but, it's still gonna be a new systen for players to adapt to.

        I think 8 wins would be an accomplishment, and am looking more to give him a year to settle in, evaluate, and make moves and a move in 2017.


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          Ill go 10-6. I'm not one to crown Gase a genius but if he can elevate Tannehill in smarts to make better decisions then Tannehill migHt have a career year.
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            First pick in the draft for 2017.


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              As of right now I have no expectations for the team because I don't see the staff or the players yet. I do expect to see a better Tannehill or he is gone.

              Not sure if they can keep Miller, but OV will go nowhere. If they can't work out a contract with him they will franchise him and the way he played once healthy he deserves it.


              • cuchulainn
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                Agree on the wait and see on the staff. Hopefully, they'll get more from OV in a positive way. Tired of the penalties and stupid plays from him - if we do keep him. As for Tannehill, we know what his floor is now. Let's see if Gase can get him to his ceiling.

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                We go undefeated and lose in the Superbowl.....


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                  I expect him to accomplish exactly what he has in the past....nothing....

                  Oh yea, so far I've heard he made PM, Jay Cutler and Tebow greats, you know PM only became great under Gace, Tim Tebow is having a heck of a year this year, and that Jay Culter should win the SB this year....

                  Other than that what the truth is, the Bears finished 21st in O, didn't even raise 1 point under Gace, never got better, but you just hold on, he's highly respected around this league, LOL, that's idiotic, so was Romeo, I guess facts take a back seat to the words of a bunch of idiots on TV telling you what you should believe....

                  Fact, we didn't even wait to interview any winning OC or DC, these guys are still playing, unlike the Dolphins that will still be last in their division under the well respected around the league but hasn't done anything Gace

                  If the last 3 on the list came down to Macaroni, Gace (the most respected Coach by all in the League), or DC, Tannybum is making sure he runs everything, all the way down to how we play the game....Tannybum got his puppet no doubt, and many here make up accomplishments that aren't proven or can be proven by Gace...

                  Tannybum did nothing to bring in top talent that will help put together a winning team, he brought in a yes man that will hire who Tannybum says to hire and will do as he's told and not make waves...

                  Remember you heard this, remember, as a DolFan you we be scratching your head wondering 6 years from now why we can't put it together, I'm telling you as long as TannyBum is here and we keep hiring the best respected coach in the league with NO experience at anything he's done we'll still be at the bottom, our best bet is Sexy Rexy destroys the Jills worse than TBum has destroyed this team and this organization....

                  I'm sure when they interview, Shanny the Rat, TBum peed a little with fear, that scared him so much he probably went to Disney World when he interview the coach that won't make waves Gace, what a joke....

                  Oh well, rip away, I know because I see the culture of what TBum has interviewed, failed to interview, and hired in the past and now, what this team is and just how he wants it all under his losing arse.....


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                    Gase will win next to nothing - unless the Front Office do their job. If we can't fix the OL, Tannehill will not improve much. It's hard to be accurate and poised or make plays down the field when you are getting hit within a couple seconds of the snap. On D - as long as our secondary is patchwork and we have little talent at LB, it's just not going to be good. If guys come back healthy (and stay that way) we might be okay. Success will be measured by who our MLB, 2nd OLB CBs and FS are next year. The DL is good and will be very strong if we bring Vernon back.

                    So - at this time of year we can all be optimistic. I'm going to say we keep Miller, land a stud CB and a good ILB in the draft. We get some talent in FA to help the OL and find a respectable answer to pair with Jones. The young defenders we played this year progress some and we find decent backups for the Line. After that, Gase does improve Tannehill, he has his best season yet (4400 yards, 32 TDs, 10 INT) and we end up 11-5 and a wild card. It's not enough to get us to the Championship game - but a decent foundation for the next year.


                    • cuchulainn
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                      Good post. I agree.

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                    1: Be a leader of men and comand the locker room.
                    2: Coninue the culture changes that Campbell started.
                    3: Bring in a competent staff.
                    4: Fix the Oline.
                    5: There's a lot to do on D but having a top half of the league D should be in reach for a year one DEMAND!


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                      The 2016 season is over before it starts if Gase plans on coming in and trying to clean up and continue this ridiculous college attack of an offense we're running. There is no fixing Tannehill in this system. He doesn't have the intangibles to run Lazor's system effectively. Honestly, I just don't believe this offense has any place in the NFL and wouldn't expect any Quarterback to succeed within it. I'm all for Gase working with Tannehill and seeing what he can draw out of the guy but it better be in a pro style system where play action really slows and misdirects defenses and allows TEs to get open down the seams. Can he really recreate a real NFL Quarterback out of Tannehill, starting from the basic fundamentals he lacks? I have my doubts. Can he keep this locker room together while he's busy mentoring the QB? I don't want to underestimate Gase because I don't know a thing about him. The "QB whisperer" moniker is a joke to this point as I believe it was Manning whispering into Gase's ear and it was the psychiatrist who stopped the demons from whispering into Cutler's. Nonetheless, Gase is the guy, he has final say on the 53 man roster and he just may be the next Don Shula. When you want to feel confidence with each step this organization takes, the Dolphins always give you hope. And , at the end of the day, hope usually turns into a steaming, goopy, brown pile in your hand that doesn't smell too good. Good luck, Adam. Let's hope you come out of the NFL Head Coaching Training Post that is Miami smelling like a rose. BTW, the sophisticated Dolphins fan pronounces his last name as "Gauze", not "Gase".


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