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  • DC for OC?

    Could this work? Gase calls the plays. Rumors of the defense staff already set. DC a players and fan favorite. It's a interesting thought. Rewards Campbell. Keeps players and Campbell supporters happy. Might just work despite his inexperience. Worked for Philbin and McCarthy. Dispite Philbin ineptitude when it came to fixing our offense he managed to thrive in GB lol.

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    I see more DC becoming assistant HC/ TE.
    The deeper the roots, the higher the reach.


    • Alpha
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      That's exactly what I think he should be....and I really hope he stays.

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    LOL, I just responded to this in the other group.


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      So DC who has never put game plans together, or called plays should be the OC...RIGHTO...I understand it would be a figurehead thing (which is a whole nother issues I have), but sorry that doesn't cut the mustard, which means of course it will happen....


      • DolphinsFreak
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        The Adam Gase hire makes sense to me. The Dolphins front office are clueless and always go after the wrong guy, so it didn't surprise me when he was hired. Now, the Dan Campbell campaign confuses me more then anything. He is unqualified to do almost everything that is being asked of him by fans and a lot of front office people too. He didn't do much of anything during the season but pump the players up to beat two below average teams, and then at seasons end we got to see the Patriots beat themselves and the Dolphins take credit for it. I am confused as to why so many fans want to keep Campbell around. He is a cool coach. He is a tough coach. But, I don't think he has the other attributes needed to be anything other then a tight ends coach and keeping him around would just confuse the issue. If you were Gase wouldn't you think that the Dolphins organization has a backup plan in place just in case he fails? That does NOT instill confidence in your head coach. And, yeah, he is NOT qualified to be an OC. He looked confused out on that field much of the season when he wasn't just screaming. JMO

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      Yeah pretty much agree. But "DC for OC" was a catchy tag line you must admit lol.


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