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The case against Gase

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  • The case against Gase

    Poor guy. Does he know what he is getting into?

    1. I thought Campbell was well respected and " hot " Like a used car lot the Fins will say anything and everything.

    2. Cambell is on your staff? Hope not. Let's see the former interm HC who the players mutineerd for against Philbin? That's right fans and when things go sour? You can't make this stuff up!

    3. Your owner Ross. Unaminous choice? I bet your staff goes against what or who you like? Gotca,right! BTW with your hire Mr. Gase, the "only" thing wrong with the Fins is?? RT according to Ross SB bound!

    4. Tannebaum. Want to clean house? not going to happen. He will select your team FOR you.

    I haven't felt this excited since we would like to introduce Tedd Ginn Jr. and his FAMILY! Go team Go!

    Gase the case is stacked agaist you, you poor, poor guy

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