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    Love Tannehill, hate Tannehill. Love Miller, hate Miller. Love our offensive scheme, hate it. One thing is for sure. Our offensive line has been downright offensive. It all starts and ends here. Just like in 2015. We ignored it and we got burned. It's easy to be a Bob Rumpson and point a finger at it and criticize it and say who is to blame for it but it's another thing to figure out how to fix it. We all did a heck of a lot better job last year than our front office did so let's try helping them once again. Don't be afraid to chime in. We're a team after all and this is a collaborative effort. Here is my first go round. Draft a LT #1 and start him. Move Albert in to LG and extend his contract. Let J Douglas back up both LG and Center and continue to develop. Pouncey at Center. Sign a top free agent RG and draft one in round six. J James continues at RT. Sign Jake Long for five years to play LG. He can step up and backup Albert if Douglas is forced to start at Center or Douglas if Albert has to slide out and start at LT. Long has the size and power to handle such rigors and won't have to deal with the speed rushers around the end that have been stretching and tearing him to pieces. Sign a back up RT. Decide if Billy Turner is worth keeping around. Cut D Thomas and Jason Fox. Implement a blocking scheme that gives our players the advantage in getting out in front of and angling off the defenders. Names? Ideas?

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    I remember not so long ago we were all talking about what we should do in the offseason back in 2015 and 2014 and my answer was to build up the offensive line. I believe it was just last year when Evan Mathis, Mike Iupati, Joel Bitonio, Orlando Franklin, Clint Boling, etc. were all available for the Dolphins to sign in free agency. They ignored ALL these players. Well, these players ALL graded in the top 20 offensive linemen category in 2015. Does anyone think that IF the Miami Dolphins would have focused on signing 2-3 of these players rather then focusing on other positions it would have changed our offense a little bit? I do.

    In free agency I am restructuring contracts, getting rid of players that cost too much money, trading players and doing what ever I can to help cut loose of the players who are holding this team from being great. There are a few overpaid players on the Dolphins who can be let go if they refuse to restructure. The Dolphins can afford to go after a few players in free agency this year and in my opinion they should sign 2-3 offensive linemen and the best CB or LB they can afford. Okung, Mathis, Boone, Ramirez, etc should all be available in free agency, along with other players who would start day one on this current Dolphins team.

    In My Opinion the Dolphins should go after VETERAN offensive linemen in free agency THEN build the team in the draft. I think they should sign as many linemen as they can in free agency so they can focus the rest of their attention on other key positions of need like CB, LB, DE, etc.

    Albert, Okung, Pouncey, Mathis, James - Starting O-Linemen

    Round 1 - Jalen Ramsey CB - (If he falls) If he is not there Alexander of Ramsey would be worthy of the pick
    Round 2 - Kentrell Brothers ILB
    Round 3 - Carl Nassib DE
    Round 4 - Erik Striker OLB
    Round 5 - DJ White CB (IF he's not available Cyrus Jones)
    Round 6 - Deon Bush FS
    Round 7 - Brandon Allen QB
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton

    “The only thing worse then a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!” - Tennessee Williams


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      I would look to sign an OG in free agency who can start right away and an OT who is an upgrade over Jason Fox. Then I would duplicate that in the draft and take another OG and an OT so we can have some quality depth. I would bring Albert Pouncey and James back. Thomas Turner and Douglas will all have to compete for roster spots.


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        I think the Dolphins can find an upgrade to Jason Fox at any school yard in the country.

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      I agree that this O-line has been trash for years. I've posted several topics on this very thing from off-season overhauls to in depth scheme failures. I just came across some good news though they are only words and the actions will HOPEFULLY be seen. This is a good start but SHOW ME!
      Dolphins to address protection for Ryan Tannehill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I heard this from a Miami Dolphins source over the weekend: "You were right about Dallas Thomas. And we were wrong."
      And I thought to myself, Hallelujah, there is hope!
      What was meant by that is that the Dolphins, with new head coach Adam Gase on board, are going to take up the assignment of making quarterback Ryan Tannehill (not Derek Carr) a better player. And one way they are going to do that is to improve the protection for Tannehill, who has been sacked 184 times in four seasons.
      If you watched the NFL Wild Card games over the weekend you saw the difference between Aaron Rodgers when he's getting little protection -- throwing off the back foot and falling away from throws -- and Aaron Rodgers when he is getting protection and playing up to the star he is. You saw that without protection Ben Roethlisberger was driven into the turf and injured his shoulder. You saw that without protection neither Teddy Bridgewater nor Russell Wilson could generate much offense in a 10-9 game.
      So Gase, who makes protecting the quarterback a top priority, is going to do what he can to protect Tannehill.
      And I cannot tell you that will make Tannehill a great quarterback.
      But I can tell that may make guards Dallas Thomas and/or Billy Turner gone from the starting lineup in 2016.
      The Dolphins, you see, projected both those two players to step up this season and blossom. And both had their good moments, that is true. But neither was good with any sort of consistency. Indeed, both were rated at the bottom of the grades for guards by ProFootballFocus.
      And so the Dolphins will address the guard spot this offseason. Previously, I wrote the Dolphins likely wouldn't be doing much with their guards, at least not with big-time free agents or high draft picks. But we we were still in-season, the team had a different general manager, and the new coach hadn't been hired.
      All that has changed now and so has the team's intentions as it pertains to the offensive line.
      By the way, there will be other ways the Dolphins intend to protect Tannehill. It will have to do with the tempo of the offense -- they want to speed it up a bit. It'll have to do with routes run and the timing of the quarterback and receivers.
      Gase simply does not want to get his QB hit. The new coach is credited with the improvement of Jay Cutler in Chicago in 2015, in that he got Cutler to cut down on his interceptions. What people sometimes miss is that Cutler was sacked 10 times less in 2015 under Gase's system than the previous year.
      This matters.
      One more thing: When the Dolphins told me I was right on Thomas, I got no great satisfaction from it. The truth is mostly everyone had doubts about the Miami guard situation before the season began. So no biggie. My response to that comment was deadpan. I was right on Joe Philbin, too, I responded. He should have been gone after 2013.


      • DolphinsFreak
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      • cuchulainn
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        This was Armando fluffing himself. I think he and Omar have a contest going as to blowing themselves. Regardless, you don't throw away players in their 2nd or 3rd season before you've coached them up. At this point Dallas Thomas should be off the roster or relegated to permanent backup. That said, players who have shown improvement seemed to do in spite of Philbin, not because of... expecting more from Gase - and that shouldn't be hard. At least he's done something on his own before with offenses and QBs, unlike Philbin.

      • VAIDER5120
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        I know what your saying and Mango fluffed himself so all of that is up for fair game. I should've just cut and paste the substance out of the article as in the Dolphins "SAY" they're going to address the O-line and "FIX-IT."

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      On the OL, they have to decide if Turner is a LT or OG and if Douglas can be a legit starter, as well as if keeping Albert for 8-9 games of great play is worth it. For me, I add one good guard and let the young guys battle for the other spot. IF the rest of the OL is reasonably healthy, you can help one OG until he develops during the season. I would like to replace Albert and know who is our LT every Sunday. Getting a better swing OT is an option but, does not help the overall play of the OL playing as a unit.


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        My #1 OL for FA is LG/RT/LT Kelechi Osemele, Ravens. Among the best OGs in the league and is good at RT with a ring to prove it. Excells in the ZBS. Update: Ravens coach John Harbaugh confirmed Kelechi Osemele will close out the season at left tackle.
        With Eugene Monroe (shoulder) done for the season, Osemele kicked out to left tackle last week against the Seahawks. "I thought he looked good," Harbaugh said. "There are some things that he can do better. Sometimes the sets and the angles and the timing the movement, sometimes it’s something that he’ll get a feel for more and more as he plays. But, he had lots of good blocks [in] pass protection and the run game." An impending free agent, adding tackle potential to his already stellar guard play should earn Osemele a few extra dollars. With Monroe's future in Baltimore uncertain, the Ravens could entertain the idea of Osemele as the long-term answer at left tackle. Tue, Dec 15, 2015 12:34:00 PM


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          Consider, if you will, an OL with a healthy Albert, James, Pouncey, and Cog. Don't care who the other OG is, we would be good.

          Oh well, health and bullies killed that but, the idea was good.


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            Looks like we'll be continuing to use the ZBS. Gase was under Fox in Denver and with the Bears where the ZBS was used. Adding O-line coach Foerster further projects this as well as he was the O-line coach under Shanahan running the ZBS in Washington and helped convert the 49ers O-line to the ZBS last year.


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              Consider that in 2014 our OL had a healthy Albert and James for the first 9 games. The rest were comprised of Colledge and Satele from dumpster diving at the last minute because of Pouncey. and little at the other OG. We held up very well with the five new guys, who had all played together from camp. No one can dispute that and stats bear me out.

              Then, Albert goes down and things are a disaster. Who woulda thunk that these guys would not get killed but, they did not.

              It is the popular opinion that we need to sign great players to fix the OL but, this shows that health is as important as price tag. Did anyone believe that signing Satele, Colledge, and Shelly could have even remotely been average? I did not, and combined they cost less than any one player Phans want to sign.

              Food for thought.


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