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    Ryan fed ex air player of the week for the second time this season only 4 others won more then one time Roethlisberger (3) Rivers (3) Brees (2) Wilson (2) pretty good company I would say

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    I think Tannehill has the physical tools to take us deep. If we can somehow teach him the side steps of Marino and Brady, both immobile QBs who were/are good at escaping the initial onslaught. I'm happy that he gets credit in the deep ball area which was his weak point early on.
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      That's a really excellent point. Tannehill was the 5th most hit QB in the NFL this year. I know some of those are on him....but anyone saying we have a decent OL is utterly delusional. I think him not getting hit 7 times per game (and sacked 3 more on average) would have a definite impact on his success. Think about that - he's getting drilled on 32% of his passes!

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