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Head Coach - Offensive Minded OR Defensive Minded ?

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  • Head Coach - Offensive Minded OR Defensive Minded ?

    This is not "OUR" forum.
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    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton

    “The only thing worse then a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!” - Tennessee Williams

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    I want a defensive minded guy, unfortunately i don't really want any of the defensive guys we're interested in..Not a big Mike Smith fan, Teryl Austin's probably not ready for a HC position and i don't think Patricia would be either...How about we hire Shananah and see if we can get Austin as our DC/Asst. HC (I like Austin, think he's done a pretty damn good job with Detroits D)


    • cuchulainn
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      Agree for the most part. I do like Smith though. ;-)

    • Driven_Phinsane!
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      No denying that Smith had some success in Atlanta, i'm just not a HUGE fan..This Dolphins team has no identity and just seems weak & flat-out dsyfunctional,, IMO, we really need a tough, no nonsense HC who commands respect..I DO NOT want another passive Philbin-type HC!!!

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    I have Shanny the Rat 3rd on my list, but I will also add this in as well, he hasn't done well since the League won't let his OL cut block ......


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      But, he won't take crap from any of his players, none of this tug of war crap DC threw out there....Your here to work and play, unless you're in the hospital, you play....He has no problem letting you watch from the bench if you don't perform, if that doesn't work he has no problem letting you play for another team....


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        Defense. Historically we've always been better under former defensive coaches. We're set at QB, WR, and RB behind a power run O and hopefully, finally, a much improved OL and defense next season.

        Not sure Dan Campbell is actually "offensive minded" - he talked power run and stout defense and wanting to run more and pass less.

        Not really interested in either Matt Patricia or McDaniels. Not interested in Koetter or the others either.

        I'm down with Mike Smith and Shanny. Both are proven.


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          I really don't care AS LONG AS the new HC brings in a good/great coordinator opposite of they're expertise.


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            Here's a little side note on this subject 11 out of the 12 top scoring D's are in the playoffs.....


            • cuchulainn
              cuchulainn commented
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              Defenses win Championships... or so they say... ;-)

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            Originally posted by DolphinsFreak

            Wouldn't it be nice to be one of those teams. I really hope the next head coach puts an emphasis on building a STRONG defense.
            Man, it wasn't that long ago when we were fielding a pretty damn good D...You know it's the end of the world when our D is pretty much sucking worse than our anemic O!!!


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              DolphinsFreak commented
              [COLOR=#6A6A6A !important]58 minutes ago[/COLOR]

              That strangest part of this story is that we as Dolphins fans are well aware of the fact that the media hates the Dolphins. But, everyone and their dog was talking about how great the Dolphins defense was going to be this season. I didn't understand the hype myself because I knew they didn't have any linebackers, Grimes was their only corner and I had no faith in anybody but Jones to play safety. There were many people on this forum who thought that Suh and the boys were going to do such a great job at putting pressure on the QB's that we wouldn't need really good DB's. Maybe the media had the same thinking that some of the forum members did but I wasn't buying into it. I was laughing at people in football drafts who were taking the Dolphins Defense early

              Count me among the fooled...I truly believed Suh would make those around him worse instead of the other way around..I expected more from both Cam & OV earlier, Earl Mitchell was supposedly killing it in practice & completely disappeared once the season started...I knew our LB's could be a problem but i foolishly believed they would grow into their own together; i expected so much more out of Chris McCain and i actually kidded myself into thinking Misi might actually stay on the field, i think we all expected big things from Dion Jordan and we won't even talk about that!

              Was really counting on the lightbulb coming on for Jamar Taylor but not only did that shit never happen, i have a distinct feeling it never will (Unless of course we cut him, then he'll go on to star for somebody else!)

              Edit: Wanted to add that we can never seem to find a playmaker at LB, wonder why that is? Haven't had one since ZT...Regarding the secondary, don't think anyone other than SeaDog could've guessed how shitty Grimes would be this season..
              We would've been better off bringing back Cortland Finnegan than the bums we put back there at Corner on a regular basis! Also, IMO it can't be overstated that we lost Louis Delmas in the preseason, he was the leader of our defense and was better than every other player other than Jones to play in the backfield..Oh well, i'm not sure this franchise will ever figure it out & turn things around..We haven't sniffed a playoff since our fluky Wildcat run in 08 & haven't seen a playoff win in a decade & a half,, you'd think we'd know better than to expect anything different!
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                I say roll the dice and keep Dan bring in the now available Lovie Smith and Mike Shula if things don't work out blow it up after the 2016 season


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                  Defensive but of all the candidates I don't see anyone.
                  The happiness of the Dolphin is to exist.... Jacques Cousteau.


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                    I wouldn't mind a Doug Marone HC scenario if he brings Schwartz with him as his DC, which is what many are saying would happen. But I think you need a great defense to win in the NFL, you can win with a mediocore offense and a great defense. Not sure you can win it with a great offense and a crappy defense.
                    The Dynamic Duo ! - BOOM! POW!


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                      Originally posted by Idahomer View Post
                      Not sure you can win it with a great offense and a crappy defense.
                      Marino & the Marks Brother's would probably vote 'NO!!!'


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                        [QUOTE=Idahomer;n14430]I wouldn't mind a Doug Marone HC scenario if he brings Schwartz with him as his DC, which is what many are saying would happen. But I think you need a great defense to win in the NFL

                        I'm tellin' ya, whomever we bring in as DC is gonna seriously have their work cut out for them..My vote is for David Copperfield because i think it's gonna take some smoke, some mirror's & a whole lot of magic!


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