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    "I’m sure some eager offensive or defensive coordinator will jump at the chance to become a head coach in Miami. But the time it takes to put together a winning combination would take too long and could be problematic with so many people involved.

    On the other hand, an EXPERIENCED head coach, such as Coughlin, who has done it before and is current with personnel and what’s happening in the League, could and would make it happen much sooner!" -

    Larry Csonka

    I was glad to stumble upon this little article a minute ago. I guess it all comes down to Tannenbaum and if his ego can allow him to hire a head coach that wants more control over player personnel. After all, Coughlin was just "let go" because the Giants General Manager didn't do HIS JOB properly, so I doubt Coughlin wants to put his coaching fate and reputation in the hands of another GM.
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton

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    2015 6-10 worse division the the NFL, what was our record with the great coaches we had....
    2014 6-10
    2013 7-9
    2014 9-7

    I see a pattern, not a good one, but fact is there is a pattern....blame everyone you want, he coached in the #1 worse division in the NFL and still sucked....


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      So would the failure of this team be on Eli's shoulders....or Coffy Cake, or like in the case of Miami who was in a much better division, the blame goes to RT.....


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        Ironically the owner and GM both blamed their recent losing records on player personnel, especially on the defensive side of the ball. It's ironic because the GM go to keep his job, while admitting he hasn't done a good job lately, and the owner agreed.

        Ryan Tannehill - 24 TD's - 12 INT's - 4,208 Passing Yards - 88.7 Rating

        Eli Manning - 35 TD's - 14 INT's - 4,436 Passing Yards - 93.6 Rating

        Eli is not the greatest QB in the league but he can sense pressure, he can make all the throws that is asked of an NFL quarterback and he is better then Tannehill. Both QB's have ONE thing in common, their defenses sucked.
        "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton


        • Seadog
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          I would have fire every last one of them, from the top down....but that's just me....

        • DolphinsFreak
          DolphinsFreak commented
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          We share the same kind of patience. If I were the owner of the Dolphins Aponte MIGHT be the only one left with a job, maybe.

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        If Coughlin can't do it with Eli in a horrible division, he sure CAN"T do it with RT in AFC East... Come on! Czonka....


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          A good friend of mine texted me and told me that Csonka and Coughlin went to college together. That might be the reason why he is backing him.
          "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton


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            Csonka was a LB and FB at Syracuse where Coughlin was a halfback.


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              yeah, it's pretty crazy..Coughlin looks old enough to be the Zonk's dad, lol...


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