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HC vs Co-Ordinators?

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  • HC vs Co-Ordinators?

    IYO, which is the most important? For this team rank the HC, OC, and DC in having the biggest impact on the teams success?

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    Excellent question Joe..& i'm gonna skirt around it the best i can, lol...Actually IMO, i view the relationship between the HC & his OC & DC as kind of like marriage; neither is more important (although i wouldn't tell my wife that!) and they better all be on the same page or they're going nowhere (Just look at when DC said he was gonna play smash-mouth football & run the ball down opponents throats & Lazor went against his philosophy and was still being too cute & passing the ball 40-50 times) That's why a great HC is only as good as the guys he surrounds himself with..Taking it a step further i think the GM & the HC has to be in as strong (if not stronger) of a relationship as the HC to his staff..IMO, if they're not all on the same page with the same vision, it's doomed from the start...

    I will add that i like a defensive minded HC more than an offensive guy,, they just seem to be able to keep their finger on the pulse of the game a bit better if they're not so tied into what the O is doing on the field..A great defensive mind @ HC, with a quality DC & a really good OC would be my perfect combo..Is that too much to ask for??


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      I kind of think all 3 are equal in importants. all have to do their job to it's 100% level.
      I put it this way in a car, the engine ,transmission and the body/frame all need to be 100% matched to it's counter parts
      so if you have this awesome powerful engine matched up with a weak crappy tranny and a rusted out weak frame , the car will never run up to it's engines potential with out a major malfunction!
      all 3 have to be able to run to it's 100% potential to the other parts.
      now if one part's 100% is more important than the others ,well if one 100% can't exist without one of the other 100%,then it really doesn't matter what 100% is superior!


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        oh by the way 72 dolphins perfect season is the only time in history that all components worked to it's very fullest 100% 100% of the time!


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          HC is #1, otherwise the inmates are running the asylum


          • phinfanfrom70s
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            but if the other 2 aren't sh-t then the best HC isn't worth nothing other than a crowd control!
            the other 2 are just as important just in a different way.

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          IMO - The head coach is the most important position out of the three. When looking for their next head coach the Dolphins really need to find a coach that has solid ties throughout the NFL so he can assemble a top notched OC and DC. THAT is the key to success and THAT is the reason why I do NOT like certain coaching candidates. Dan Campbell, Adam Gase, etc. will NOT be bringing in top tier OC's or DC's, they will be bringing in guys like Zac Taylor. They need to hire a coach like Shanahan who has been around enough to be able to put together a strong unit; Head Coach, OC and DC! I'm not saying that Shanahan is the only coach out there that can do this, but he is probably at the top of the list from the candidates that have been mentioned so far.
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            I said HC, but in real life a lot of the times an OC or DC is much better than the HC. That's because we regurgitate the same ol POS coaches. On a successful team, the HC is the #1, that's all there is to it....


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              HC is important, but as I have mentioned many times unless you are truly one of the greats then it's all about the staff you put together. Philbin might have been fine if he could have put a good staff together...he couldn't.

              I don't think Marvin Lewis is a great coach, but he puts really good staffs together.


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                It is a symbiotic relationship. The relationship between the HC and the Coordinators is less a marriage than it is siblings. The HC is the older brother who mom and dad leave in charge. Although, the brothers don't always like each other, they still love each other.

                They all have to have the same goals and similar values in order to make it work. There has to be mutual respect for it to work.
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                • phinfanfrom70s
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                  I agree in that analogy.

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