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this post is directed more toward dan campbell supporters but not exclusively.

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  • this post is directed more toward dan campbell supporters but not exclusively.

    I was wondering what dan campbell should say in his interview or the attitude he should take.
    first off,I don't get a warm cuddly feeling when I hear tannebaum talk. I'm kind of good at getting a sense of people or reading them and tannebaum to me is like scratching a chalkboard!
    greir,now I like him! and ross is a glory lover and or a guy that wants to be surrounded by glorious happenings!

    so he must tickle tannebaum's ego with talk like,with your great incite and knowledge of things the small things that most people don't notice,we together can put together teams that rivals the excitement that surrounds the great teams of old like the dolphins,steelers packer. and nothing can steal the glory that comes with great organizations made by amazing minds!
    greir,you bring a 6 pack and say let's talk about this over a couple beers!
    ross you say I will make a team that makes you proud on those big games on national tv and all the celebs want to be seen on tv with you in your luxury box. the reporters want to all get your thoughts and put them in their daily columns! it will be glorious, the envy of the rich and famous!(done in a very calm manner)
    then in a turn around in deamener,
    this I will do,I won't be kept down ,I will not fail,nothing can stop me,nothing in the heaven or earth and I want this to happen with the miami dolphins(all this with the intensity of a wwe wrestler ,with veins popping out of his neck and biceps spit flying and eyes bugging out and ripping the head off with his teeth of a bobble head doll of bill belechick) haha do you think that would work!

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    He should do what Manning did to Polian at the Predraft interview. Manning" if you pick me first overall I will promise you a Superbowl, if you dont then I will forever kick your teams ass"! Something to that.
    Just frolic and live in the now like Dolphins and Man's best friend.


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      the bobble head can be anyone!


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        He could have OC/DC names lined up that he has contacts with. Ultimately latching on to Coughlin to be air apparent would make the most sense. If we hire Coughlin or Shanahan and willing to groom DC.
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        Just frolic and live in the now like Dolphins and Man's best friend.


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          I agree with Aquaaiea - he should come in with a plan. Who he envisions as his staff, what type of team he wants (which we already know). And I would come in guns blazing. I would tell them that I'm the guy that has the respect of the players, I'm in tune with what's happening in that locker room. I'd sell them on all his knowledge of the players. And I agree with Aqauaaiea on the if you don't hire me you'll regret it because like Todd Bowles - when I get the chance I will seize it and kick your ass for years to come. I think the best approach is lay out the plan. Who fits what I like (toughness) and who doesn't.

          His biggest issue is going to be bringing in a quality staff. He is so green that experienced coordinators will think they are more qualified to be the top dog. Personally I love the idea of getting a veteran coach like Coughlin or even Shanny and asking them if they'd be willing to bring Campbell along as assistant HC and mold him for the next 5 years or so to take the position when they retire.

          I gained a ton of respect for Coughlin after watching his press conference. He's a true leader of men and still has plenty of fire!

          One thing I do remember from Philbin is how blown away Ross was with his preparation. He came in with a book of data on the team, his plan, etc.. So while he clearly didn't execute, Dan should know the more prepared he is the more impressed Ross will be.

          Unfortunately he still has no chance IMO.
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            I believe that you and Aqua are correct. Unfortunately, I don't think Dan Campbell has the connections to go into a meeting with names that will impress or inspire any team to hire him as their head coach. I just don't think he is qualified right now. Like many here I really like and respect the man and wish there were some way the Dolphins could keep him on staff, but I just don't believe he is ready right now and if he leaves I wish him all the best.

          • AquaXI
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            Coughlin press conference is the ultimate Football speech not no eloquent kakamimi politician type.

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          if dan was smart,he would have parcels on the phone and seeing what parcels can conger up in terms of names and giving him advice as to how to go about this interview and give these guys the right information and how to present it , just a little help from a guy that's been around the block.It's always nice to have a guy like that to get advice from now and again! i'm not saying that dan should rely on parcels to get him the job,but just help him a long if needed!


          • Phinatic514
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            I was thinking the same thing too. It would be hard to believe Parcells isn't helping him out.

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          I don't blame him.
          I'm told Dan Campbell was a finalist for the job. Was not happy when he was told he wasn't hired.

          How upset was Dan Campbell after he found out he wasn't the guy? Team is going to "give hime a couple of days" before contacting him again.

          And, by the way, Dan Campbell had a "great" interview, team source tells me.

          So for those keeping score at home, this is how Dolphins HC sweepstakes finished: 1. Gase. 2. Campbell. 3. Marrone.


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            Rex will hire Dan now and when Rex fails for the Bills Dan Campbell will be their head coach. You heard it here first.


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