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Jarvis Landry- Stats & Questions?

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  • Jarvis Landry- Stats & Questions?

    Everyone loves Landry, as do I. He has been one of the very few bright spots in a very dismal year for our team. However, based on stat production, how good was he in 2015?

    In NFL rankings of all receivers, he was #6 in targets with 165 and #4 in catches with 110. His 10.5 average was #85 of 100 receivers. His 4 TD's were tied at #57 with 26 other receivers. As he caught so many short passes, it may be better to come him to a TE (included in this ranking) instead of a WR.

    Putting Gronk aside, G Olsen had a 14.5 avg and 7 TD's. D Walker had 11.6 with 6 TD's. G Barnidge was 13.2 and 9. J Reed was 10-.8 and 11. J Kelse was 12.2 and 5. B Watson was 11.1 and 6. Different position but, worth comparing.

    Landry had a VG year in the slot. IMO, an elite year was had by Cobb in 2014. H caught 91 of 126 for a 14 yard avg and 12 TD's but had Rodgers.

    So, how good was Landry in 2015?

    Did he take away targets from other WR's or, was that based on necessity and the time RT had to throw?

    Was he somewhat of a Cameron killer at TE, in forcing him to try and block?

    Do you want to see him be targeted this much in the future?

    Any way he can improve his avg and TD's?

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    Like I've said before, once we transition back to a pro style offense that predicates its passing game off of play action, I think other receivers will naturally get more targets and the Tight Ends will become a much more prevalent part of the attack. I can see Landry with the 2nd or 3rd number of catches on the team but still have more TDs and yardage.


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      the thing I liked about landry is his never going down after his catches and the toughness he showed and I had hoped it would inspire others to do the same in intensity,but this dead team couldn't get inspired even if you got a thousand virgins for over achieving!


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        on second thought ,they played the 1st halfs of games like they had a thousand virgins all night!!! lol


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          I think Landry was a victim of the offense we ran, or his YPC would have been much more. Do you know what his YAC was related to other WR's? I would assume that number would be pretty high. It's not his fault they call bubble screens and quick passes for him. IMO that is only to get him the ball and allow him to make plays. Many of those plays are almost like run plays. He can make plays down the field as well and he did, but it was all the short throws that put him so low on the YPC list. As for TD's, that was more a function of our inability to score once in the red zone.
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            If Landry were on the Packers I don't think Rodgers would have missed Jordy Nelson too much. I believe even with the Packers bad o-line that Rodgers throwing to Landy would have ridiculous numbers and he would be in the Pro Bowl. The Dolphins offense, coupled with Tannehill's MANY weaknesses, are the reason why Landry's numbers are not as impressive as they could be if he had a QB that could make ALL the throws required of top tier quarterbacks. JMO


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