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Coughlin fired

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  • Coughlin fired

    What are your feeling. Only bigger branch on that Parcels tree is Bilichick. He would absolutely bring a culture change to the team. My only concern is he is 69, so how long will he be anywhere. If he was 65 I would be all over it...

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    The biggest question, in my opinion, would be......would a coach his age want to come to a team that is in the beginning stages of a complete rebuild?

    Shanahan makes more sense to me because he is younger and allegedly wanted to draft Tannehill.

    I feel bad for Coughlin. He's a great coach and his players love him. Stacey Dales looked like she was going to cry reporting about the story after taking with the players. I don't think he was the problem.

    I would be happy with Coughlin, I just don't think he would have any interest.
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      Stay far away from him. He's old enough to drop dead on the sideline.


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        Well, if that's what it took to inspire the team.........

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