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Looks like Hickey's out the door!

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  • Looks like Hickey's out the door!

    I'm assuming this'll come as no HUGE surprise to anyone....

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    Yep, I notice that the GMs and potential GMs of that year ( Hickey, Farmer, Lake Dawson ) either lost their jobs or will be soon. We were gonna hire Farmer and Dawson before we settled on Hickey. That's bad.
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      It makes sense to fire Hickey since he has done nothing wrong. It also makes sense why Ross plans to give Campbell a shot at being the next head coach, since he's done nothing right. Typical Dolphins with Mr. Magoo running the show. Tannenbaum will take over the GM job and more than likely hire an old friend who he trusts to ruin the team. If he hires Mangini this organization deserves everything they get with these two New Yorkers running the show. If that happens, for the first time in my life I will NOT be supporting the Miami Dolphins, watching their games or wearing any of their apparel. If that happens, I am DONE with this team, period.


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        Its really not fair that Hickey should be fired since he really was allowed to make decisions for only one season, 2014 and while he didn't elevate the team from 8-8 in 2013 to 8-8 in 2014 at least we did not regress. Tannenbaum was making all the decisions in 2015 and we regressed from 8-8 to probably 5-11, yet he gets to stay and Hickey get fired. Its so important that we hire the right people going forward but yet I don't have any confidence in Ross to do so. I guess all we can hope for is that Ross somehow makes some good decisions by pure luck.


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          Apparently Chris Grier (Fins Director of College Scouting) will be elevated to the GM position...I've heard in the past that he's very highly respected around the league & given a lot of props at what he does,, hopefully we're looking at the next Ozzie Newsome & not the next Wizard of Oz (Some clueless guy hiding behind a curtain)..Anyway, once again the chips are starting to fall...wonder if we'll finally land a good hand!


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            We all know Ross does NOT make good decisions. The alleged moves being made look to be more then rumors because they are typical Ross moves. He makes friends with these guys and keeps them around WAY too long. Hickey does a good job in free agency and gets fired where Tannenbaum overspends on a player that sets the team back rather then helps it move forward and the team goes backwards, and he gets to stay. If the rumors about Grier getting the GM job I am sure it's because Tannenbaum can have final say so nothing much has changed there. If Grier really likes someone Tannenbaum will convince him that they should take his guy over what Grier wants to do. I've seen this movie before and the ending isn't a good one for the Dolphins.


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              Something to keep in mind was that Hickey was Philbin's guy and his hiring was another example of nepotism by Philbin. They were a package deal. Hickey did some good things, but nothing special. The roster of the past 2 seasons was largely he and Philbin.


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                I am not sure Hickey did anything horrible, but he hasn't done anything great either. I have no problem with him going. My issues with him is 1, he was Philbin's guy and seemed to lean his way on everything. 2. Took too many chances on oft injured free agents and well they ended up being injured in Miami. and 3. Tried to show he was smarter than everyone else in the draft by taking too many small school guys when more times then not going chalk is the better way. These players played at bigger and better schools for a reason. I am fine with taking a flyer on a small school guy each draft, but Hickey too too many chances.


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                It is official Hickey is gone. He did some good for the franchise with drafting James/Landry a couple of decent free agent signings. But another shit the bed season we knew that no one was safe. Hopefully Tanenbum learned from his previous mistakes and doesn't turn us into Jests south from the days of him running the funhouse up there. I will not buy another ticket until this is turned around I have spent to much over the past few years with season ticks then group ticks then game packs now it will be my TV & Couch I now live at the 50 mile mark where the games blackout no more but if we live another season like this i may beg for a blacked out season.


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                  Could it be that any top flight Head Coach we would try to hire will want his own OC, DC and personnel decisions? They usually insist on "buying the groceries."


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                    According to Darlington, Grier would be promoted to GM but will really just stay in the job he has now with the addition of pro scouting as well. Kinda sounds like he will be Tannebaum's puppet. The thing I thought was interesting in Darlington's article (which I can't find now...LOL), was that Tannebaum has already assumed all football powers and while he will make personnel decisions he wont let that be what keeps Miami from bringing a top coach if someone they want wants that power, he would let them have it.

                    Also the office politics have gotten no better and it seems like Tannebaum and Aponte aren't seeing eye to eye. We will see how this all shakes out, but looks like we may continue to have a soap opera on our hands...

                    Here is the article
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                      When I look at that picture there is only ONE person in that picture that looks like someone I would get along with. Tannenbaum looks like a total douche bag, kind of like a car salesmen type.

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                    Usually when you see this type of petty power struggle in middle management it is a sign of a very weak executive at the top. You wouldn't see this happening on Robert Kraft's teams. The football one or the Mac N Cheeze one!


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                        [COLOR=#6A6A6A !important]2 minutes ago[/COLOR]

                        When I look at that picture there is only ONE person in that picture that looks like someone I would get along with. Tannenbaum looks like a total douche bag, kind of like a car salesmen type.

                      • Looks can be deceiving,, remember we all thought Ireland looked like a total arrogant douche and look..uh-h, um-m-mn..Nevermind!


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                        Originally posted by driven_phinsane! View Post

                        • #11.1dolphinsfreakcommented

                          [color=#6a6a6a !important]2 minutes ago[/color]

                          when i look at that picture there is only one person in that picture that looks like someone i would get along with. Tannenbaum looks like a total douche bag, kind of like a car salesmen type.

                        • looks can be deceiving,, remember we all thought ireland looked like a total arrogant douche and look..uh-h, um-m-mn..nevermind!


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