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  • Trade Thoughts?

    I'm thinking that trading Wake, Grimes, and even Albert would not be a bad idea for our team in it's current condition. All three will help in 2016 but, what does that get us? A few more wins may actually hurt us more than help us in the long run. I would rather see a young and developing team who will have a high pick next year as well.

    I would love nothing more than a new staff to come in and turn things around next year. However, reality says that ain't gonna happen. It will take at least 2 and likely 3 years if we are lucky and none of the three will be around by then. I'm guessing that we could get three mid round picks, "maybe" as high as #3 depending on the interest. Out of the three picks, we could have a starter or two in the near future, as opposed to nothing at all.


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    Trade anybody, except the 2015 rookies, that will get us a fifth or better.
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      The problem is you are 1 year too late . Wake and Albert injured with contract. Grimes old CB. Unless you mean for 7th round picks.


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      They really won't bring much back in trades. I think we should move on from Wake and Grimes and try to get one more year out of Albert.


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        I like trading our old guys and hope we can score their replacements in FA and Draft.
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          If, and its a big if, we could could get decent picks for them I'd be all for it but I don't think they will draw that kind of interest.
          Can we sign this guy?


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            IMO there shouldn't be anyone not available for the right price.


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              Unfortunately, there's probably not a single player on this Fins roster that would garner a first round pick in trade...


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