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Miami Dolphins announce 2015 MVP

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  • Miami Dolphins announce 2015 MVP

    The team announced this years MVP. Agree or disagree?

    I disagree. Seems kinda spineless to me. Pick one guy and go with it. The other that didn't win will hopefully be motivated to play even harder. Seems kinda like a participation trophy to me.
    Can we sign this guy?

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    While Jones was our best player in the secondary, he whiffed too many tackles and was out of position in the passing game too often to be MVP

    Landry, by far....


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      I like giving it to both. Both are deserving as both were solid all season long and played their hearts out. Picking just one is a slight to the other IMO>
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        I am fine with picking both players. I watched every play on offense and defense that the Dolphins played. There were exactly two players that stood out to me in every game. On offense it was Landry and defense it was Jones. In every single game these two guys seemed to be the only players out there giving it 100%. In My Opinion before they fired Coyle, I believe the defense gave up and Suh was leading that charge to just give up and hopefully they would get their DC fired. I didn't see Jones give up like everyone else did on the defensive side of the ball. I think Landry is deserving of the award and so is Shoeless Reshad Jones.
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          I think there should be only one most valuable. They were both valuable but only one can be the most valuable. I think it cheapens it to give it to two people. I go with Landry. I don't think the defense would have been significantly worse without Jones. They couldn't be much worse. But I can't imagine what our offense would have been without Landry.
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          Can we sign this guy?


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            Can we give it to Ross?


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