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    I know there are some that believe we should draft a QB in the first round. Its likely that Paxton Lynch will be the first QB taken, probably by the Browns. Jared Goff will most likely be the next QB taken and the 49ers are probably the team most interested in him since they have to draft a QB and Goff played in the Bay area at Cal. As of now the 49ers have the 5th pick I believe and the Dolphins the 7th pick. So the Dolphins would have to lose to the Pats which seems likely and the 49ers would have to beat the Rams which is possible in order for us to vault over the 49ers in the draft order.

    Goff had a very good season throwing for over 4200 yards 37 TD's and 13 INT's. He had a tremendous bowl game today throwing for 6 TD's and 467 yards. Now it was against Air Force so take that for what its worth.

    The last first round prospect to come out of Cal was Aaron Rodgers. Maybe Goff will be the next Aaron Rodgers. If we are in position to draft Goff would you do it? Its a big gamble which could have a huge pay off but it will set back our rebuilding process but if Goff turns out to be anywhere close to as good as Rodgers then it would be worth it in the long run.

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    There are quite a few fans who believe in Best Player Available is the only way you should draft. SO, even if they happen to really like Tannehill, if Goff is the best player on the draft board then the Dolphins MUST draft him, right?

    I'm not big on Goff so I really don't care but I would prefer the Dolphins move on from 'you know who' and find a QB who can actually win, while building a killer defense in the process.
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      Yes you take him... Without a doubt... And the rest of the team will respond..


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        Originally posted by HndRkyaBong34 View Post
        Yes you take him... Without a doubt... And the rest of the team will respond..
        Well you better root for the 49ers to beat the Rams because if that doesn't happen then we probably won't be in a position to take Goff.


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          I don't think the 9er's will take a QB that early. The way Gabbert played I think they cut ties with Cap and they go all D, WR oline and a late round QB.. Plus they might give up their 5th to gain more picks..

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