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Fins Passing Defense historically bad

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  • Fins Passing Defense historically bad

    Per the herald, this year’s pass defense is the worst in franchise history, by a wide margin.

    Opposing quarterbacks this year have toasted the Dolphins for 3,908 yards and 31 touchdowns with a (not a typo) 65.6 completion percentage. Those 31 touchdowns are tied with the 1967 Dolphins for most allowed in franchise history. And like the ’67 squad, the mark was set in 14 games.

    ... “Very difficult,” Brent Grimes said, when asked about the 2015 season. “Nobody likes losing like that.”
    Grimes added that the team needs to “put better stuff out there on film.”
    That begins with Grimes, who has probably had his worst season as a starter.
    He had a nice moment Sunday against the San Diego Chargers, intercepting Philip Rivers. But even then, he was beaten by 5 yards and only came up with the pick because Rivers underthrew the ball.
    Grimes has a massive salary cap number last season and will presumably only be back if he agrees to a significant restructure.
    But he’s not the only one to blame. The Dolphins have unsuccessfully tried four players at the other corner spot — Brice McCain, Jamar Taylor, Bobby McCain and Tony Lippett.

    Play the rookies and set anyone already banged up in the last game. No point in risking long term injury to any viable starter - as few as they are....

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    I agree, if we know they're going to be a Dolphin next year, which by my account that would be 6 players, sit them.....

    For sure you can play BG, he's got no chance of being a Dolphin, I hope he goes to the Jets, that should help us next year....


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      But Miko Grimes said her Bae should be in the pro bowl and this is all on Tannehill!!! How could this be true....?


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        Maybe Charles Woodson can be our new DB coach...


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          We're just a bad team with terrible coaching, offense, special teams, and defense. The defense could have been so much better if Philbin and Coyles hadn't jettisoned so much talent they didn't want to coach. Pisses me off that we were a Top 3 defense under Nolan and we're a bottom dweller since Coyles has had it.

          Grimes has had a terrible season, but in his defense he played with a lingering knee injury most of the season. I don't care if he returns or not as long as it isn't at his current cap hit. Miko is a trashy person and needs to shut her mouth, but she wouldn't be an issue if not for Omar giving her attention and feeding the BS that she spews. Wish we could get rid of both Omar and Miko.

          Guys who need to go - Mitchell, Sheppard, Aikens, Delmas, and Taylor. Some of the others like Thomas and Paysinger are little more than depth.


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