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Dolphins "Playoff" Talent???

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  • Dolphins "Playoff" Talent???

    I've seen where some in the media, as well as Phans, are saying that Miami has talent but, that it has been underachieving. This is a shot at coaching with some merit. However, I'm not seeing it compared to the other teams in the playoff hunt. Do we have more talent than NE, Denver, Cinci, Pitt, Jets, KC, and Houston. Add in others out of the chase if ya like.

    As to the underachievers, Tannehill this year tops the list and makes a HUGE difference but, who else? Cameron for sure. That's my very short list, allowing for injuries and potential.

    We thought we had more than we did and had no savior in Tannehill to make it work. Next year we will have less in Grimes and Wake, two of our best, not what they were and very likely gone. Just not seeing the talent others are talking about.

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    We do have more talent than a Pop Warner Team, maybe if they're all sick....


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      Add in two more of our best, in Miller and OV, who may or may not be here. That's very possibly 4 our top ten, from a losing team, no longer here. Free agency is not what it was since the new CBA and the salary cap's huge increases. Now, every team has a lot of money to spend, and all have to spend 90% of the cap. Teams are keeping their own and are in position to drive up prices beyond realistic.


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        Well lets break it down.

        O-line - We have a Pro Bowl Center. 2 good OT's when healthy. Below average OG's. Even though we have 3 former first round picks and 2 former 3rd round picks, our o-line has not performed up to what you would think they should with that amount of investment. Not to mention the fact that we have no depth.

        WR TE - Landry is a good possession WR but he is not dynamic and he doesn't really move the needle, in other words he is not a difference maker. Matthews was having a good season before his injury but he is not an elite talent. Parker has star potential but it won't be realized this season. Stills and Jennings are just bodies. Cameron and Sims have been very disappointing this season. Cameron in my opinion is the most under achieving offensive player on our roster.

        RB - Miller has had an uneven season. His overall stats look good, his YPC and the amount of TD's he has scored but he has too many negative runs which is not entirely his fault, some of the blame for that is on the o-line. This along with the many penalties we commit greatly contribute to our inconsistent rushing attack because we are not going to run the ball much if its 2nd and 15 or 3rd and 10. He would probably be a star if he were on another team. Ajayi has not played much but he has shown some promise.

        QB - Tannehill is just an average QB. He is what he has already shown. He is not going to elevate a team.

        D-line - Suh is a beast but he hasn't played like it that often. Mitchell has been very disappointing. Phillips has been ok. Wake is a beast when healthy but he was only healthy for 2.5 games. OV is a good pass rusher but he can be a liability against the run at times. Shelby and Fede are decent rotational players.

        LB - Overall its a below average unit. Nobody has really played well this season.

        DB - Grimes looks like his days are numbered. Taylor has to be the most under achieving defensive player on our roster. Either that or he was overrated to begin with but he supposedly had first round talent. Brice McCain has been a very disappointing signing. I am not sure Bobby McCain will ever be more than a slot corner. Overall this unit has been horrible this season.

        S - Jones should have made the Pro Bowl. Thomas has been below average and Aikens was horrible.

        P K - It looks like we have good replacements for the more expensive players we cut.

        Overall I think we overestimated the talent we have. Yes we do have talent but every team has talent. We just don't have enough of it and we have too many areas of weakness and little to no depth and we don't have a good enough QB to overcome all of that. Combine that with below average coaching and thats why we are 5-9.


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          I have seen many a QB say that it takes at least one full year and most times two to click with a receiver. in year one, Tannehill had Hartline, Bess, and Fasano as his top targets. In year #2, it was Wallace, Hartline, and Clay. In year #3, it was Wallace, Landry, and Clay. This year, it's Matthews, Landry, and Cameron. Add in the coaching changes, and it's a lot to deal with.

          Not trying to make more excuses for RT's poor play, as much was on him, but it does matter. JMO


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