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  • Chuck Pagano?

    Similarities to Shula somewhat. He was a Strong Safety while Shula played Conerback. Shulas combined Career wining % is 67 while 4 years with the Colts combined % is 64%. Not bad and both from the defensive thinking. If they go this route I take it they will make sure his health will hold up. Not saying its my final offer but just some great options for us. Besides aren't you tired of Offensive Coaches?. ( Cameron,Sparano, Philbin ) maybe we can bring along Chudzinski to run our Offense.

    ( on a side note Pagano has ruled out Luck for our last game, which doesn't mean anything but if we can't beat Whitehurst in our house!?)
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    No thank you.


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      Short answer would be NO
      Long answer would be HELL NO!!!!!!!!!


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        not interested in someone elses fired coach who lost too much to keep their job.


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          I think we need to stop looking at this like uber-competent, established HC candidates are going to be running all over themselves to be blessed with the opportunity to coach the Mighty Miami Lphins (No D, No O) & that we're going to have the pick of the litter; beggars can't be choosers & believe me when i say that we fall firmly under the 'BEGGAR'S' category...
          I think we should splooge all over ourselves & color ourselves lucky as hell if anyone with a half-decent resume gives this crappy job more than a cursory glance...While i'm not sure Pagano's the answer, i'd be damn sure interested in whether he's interested or not...Remember, before he became HC of the Colts he was the DB Coach & DC of a nasty Baltimore Ravens defense and with the Colts has led them to 3 straight 11-5 records reaching the playoffs in his first 3 seasons before losing Luck this season & watching the wheels fall off his wagon..IMO the Colts are making a huge mistake if they cut ties with Pagano, but it may come down to him being the odd man out...

          Here's some good info on Pagano:

          Pagano was named to John Harbaugh's initial coaching staff with the Baltimore Ravens on February 12, 2008.[2] He served asdefensive secondary coach for three seasons. He was promoted to Defensive Coordinator on January 18, 2011, succeedingGreg Mattison who accepted a similar position at the University of Michigan.[3] Pagano's defense finished 3rd in both points allowed and in yards allowed. They finished 13 in takeaways and 2nd Rush yards allowed, but Baltimore's defense has always been known for its ability to stop the run. Pagano drastically improved the pass defense going from 21 in passing yards allowed to 4th. They improved from 9th in passing touchdowns allowed to 1st in the league. The defense also came away with 17 interceptions. Pagano is known for his ability in secondary and ability to stop opposing teams pass attack.

          On January 25, 2012, Pagano was named the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts.


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            I honestly think Ariens was the key to that coaching staff and he's now brought that talent to AZ. Another guy we should have gone after when it was clear Philbin wasn't the guy.
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              You could be the very least Arians was a big factor in the Colts success...Man, we're ALWAYS a day late & a dollar short!!!

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            I went over to Colts forum and Chudzinski seems to be doing a decent nod as OC and I understand that Arians wins at Colts was credited to Pagano. I'm beginning to think you guys are right. Ok who's next?
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              I will pass on Pagano. Look what the Colts are without Andrew Luck. They are well, US.


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                I would like the next head coach to have more of a winning record.
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                  Originally posted by FTLDOLFAN View Post
                  I will pass on Pagano. Look what the Colts are without Andrew Luck. They are well, US.
                  LOL! Yeah, you got a point there...Also, as some have pointed out, the Colts recent success probably has more to do with Bruce Arians than not...Besides, i completely forgot about Pagano's 'fake punt; earlier this year, a play that makes me wonder if the guy hasn't completely lost his shit!


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