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Tannehill On The Hot Seat ?

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  • Tannehill On The Hot Seat ?

    DAVIE, Fla. -- Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill had another mediocre performance Monday in a 31-24 loss to the New York Giants, going 25 of 41 for 236 yards, one touchdown and no interceptions for a modest 85.0 passer rating.

    Tannehill, now 28-33 as starter, has a 88.0 passer rating for the season. He has 22 touchdowns, 11 interceptions and a 61.3 percent completion rate, which ranks 22nd in the NFL. He has a career-worst seven fumbles and a career-low 92 yards rushing with three games remaining (his season low is 211 yards as a rookie).

    There is growing sentiment among fans the Dolphins need to draft a quarterback next year, but there is no indication which way the team is leaning. Tannehill signed a $95 million contract extension in the offseason.

    The Dolphins could need to grab three starters in the offseason.

    --Miami's offense just can't get it right. The Dolphins scored more than 20 points for just the third time this season in the 31-24 loss to the Giants, but Miami couldn't muster a fourth-quarter touchdown.

    The Dolphins are 24th in the NFL in scoring at 20.3 points per game. They were pleased at scoring 24 points, but ...

    "You have to score more than 24," interim coach Dan Campbell said. "It was time for the offense to step up, and we didn't do it."

    --Defensive end Damontre Moore was claimed off waivers from the Giants, according to local reports. Moore joins DE Quinton Coples, an ex-New York Jet, as late-season acquisitions to boost what was regarded as the deepest and most talent area of the team.

    --Wide receiverJarvis Landry had a season-high 18 targets in Monday's game against the Giants. Landry ended with 11 receptions for 99 yards, two kickoff returns for 66 yards and two punts returns for 30 yards for a total of 195 all-purpose yards. He also had a costly 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty on the Dolphins' final possession when they trying to get a game-tying touchdown. They punted two plays after the penalty.

    Wide receiver DeVante Parker was expected to have a big day against the Giants. However, the rookie first-round pick only had two receptions for 16 yards. He was targeted five times.
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton

    “The only thing worse then a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!” - Tennessee Williams

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    He will be the starting QB next year unless someone better pushes him. For example even gabbert would worry Tannehill if he was brought in.


    • DolphinsFreak
      DolphinsFreak commented
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      Daryle Lamonica plans to come out of retirement because he thinks he can beat out Tannehill for the starting job.

    • Driven_Phinsane!
      Driven_Phinsane! commented
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      Lamonica was the Mad Bomber (a nickname for unleashing the deep ball anytime, anywhere!) We should nickname Tannehill the Mad BUMMER, lol...

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    He isn't going anywhere next season. 2017 is a different story, Miami can walk away in 17 and have almost no cap impact. I look at it this way, Miami scored enough points to win that game, the defense didn't stop the Giants offense and our lack of a true #1 CB is glaring after the spanking Odel gave Grimes.

    Tannehill isn't going to carry the team like a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning but you can win football games with him and be competitive.


    • DolphinsFreak
      DolphinsFreak commented
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      You can win with him but in order to do that the defense and special teams have to play a near perfect game. He misses way too many throws, especially when they matter the most. He looked good in the game against the Giants, showing flashes of what we all hoped he would be, then he showed signs of the QB we were terrified he still is. After four seasons in the NFL he should be able to make all the throws required of him. I am not saying that they should dump him, but I feel they really need to bring in competition for him immediately because they are paying Moore a lot of money to do nothing but give him support. Tannehill needs competition! When his job was in jeopardy he played the best game of his career in London. It's time to bring in a real QB to give him that thought of losing his job so he either steps his game up or that QB takes his job.

    • Seadog
      Seadog commented
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      PM never carried a team, the team has always carried PM, even with the players he has had over the years, he is a Pro at losing in the post season, because he is just that, beats easy team loses against the tough ones....

    • NY8123
      NY8123 commented
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      Manning never carried a team? This statment confuses me and if true I could say the same about Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Dan Marino and any other "elite" QB to ever play the game.

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    At least Ryan Tannehill still has his sense of humor.
    Peppered with questions this week about another failed Dolphins season — his fourth in as many years — Tannehill could have gone one of two ways.
    He could have snapped. Or he could have a little bit of fun.
    Tannehill, with a bit of savvy, chose the latter. Here’s how it went down:
    Q: What’s the No. 1 reason the Dolphins are out of the playoff hunt with three weeks to go?
    Tannehill: “We didn’t win enough games.”
    Q: Why didn’t you win enough games?
    Tannehill: “We didn’t score enough points.”
    Q: Why didn’t you score enough points?
    “Because we didn’t get in the end zone enough. I can keep going if you want.”
    Tannehill’s news conference was a regular Abbott and Costello act.
    What’s that old saying? Laugh to keep from crying.
    So don’t mistake a little levity for lack of commitment. Tannehill has lost sleep over his final throw Monday night against the Giants, a miss that, for all intents and purposes, ended the Dolphins’ season.
    Down a score late on third-and-long, Tannehill had Jarvis Landry wide open for a walk-in touchdown. He overthrew him by several feet. The Dolphins punted and wouldn’t get the ball again.
    “I feel like I had a good game and I missed that last throw,” Tannehill said. “That’s one I’ve thought a lot about since then. It’s kind of haunted me a little bit, but there is nothing I can do about it now. Just make the throw the next time it pops up.”
    The next time it pops up in a meaningful situation will be 2016 — a fact that gnaws at Tannehill and most everyone else in the Dolphins locker room.
    Like center Mike Pouncey. He has been in the league for five years. He has never been on a team with a winning record.
    This year was supposed to be different. Remember all that talk about championships in the summer? Now fans have nothing left but hope for a brighter future.
    “You can blame it on a lot of different things,” Pouncey said. “I don’t know. I think we had very high expectations and we didn’t go out there and do what we set our goals as in the offseason, make the playoffs.
    “Obviously, we didn’t accomplish that. I really don’t know what went wrong. Our whole goal was to go to the playoffs, and obviously that’s not going to happen now.”
    When asked what he would tell long-suffering Dolphins fans, a generation of which have no memory of a playoff win, Pouncey responded:
    “We are just as disappointed as they are. Obviously, no one sets their goals at the beginning of the season to not make the playoffs or finish average again. I’d tell them to stick with us, it’ll get better.”
    A lot needs to happen for Pouncey to keep that promise. The secondary needs to be rebuilt. The Dolphins probably need two linebackers and at least one offensive guard.
    Plus, they need their franchise quarterback to make franchise-defining throws in the late stages of games.
    With Monday night’s loss, Tannehill’s career record fell to 28-33. Much of that failure has been beyond his control. But just as much of it has not.
    “I care about winning,” Tannehill said. “You don’t play to throw X amount of touchdowns or X amount of yards. Whatever it takes to win. …
    “I think that you play to win the game,” he continued. “You prepare to win the game and ultimately if you’re not winning you’re not getting it done enough. I think that’s what I look at — ways to win and what teams look at. You want to win. You want to be in the playoffs and competing for a Super Bowl.”
    No joke.
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton

    “The only thing worse then a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!” - Tennessee Williams


    • cuchulainn
      cuchulainn commented
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      Like him or not, he's a class act and a tough little SOB. He never complains about shitty blocking, penalties, lack of run support, bad play calling, or dropped passes. He never throws anyone under the bus or defers blame from himself. Admirable traits...

      They harp on his misses, but any of the drops in the 3rd or 4th could have changed the outcome of the game if caught and they ignore how Landry losing his composure and drawing a personal foul fkd us. As for that last pass, he over threw it, but Landry was gimpy and unable to run full speed.

      Woulda, coulda, shoulda... hoping we kick the Chargers asses.

    • DolphinsFreak
      DolphinsFreak commented
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      You know how I feel about him. I have many issues with him on the field. Off the field. I would prefer it if he would take the blame for his mistakes. Most of the time he says things like WE could have done this or WE should have done that when he should be saying I NEED TO DO THIS BETTER or I LEFT A LOT OF PLAYS OUT ON THAT FIELD........etc. Most of the elite QB's in the league know when they have a bad game and they talk about how they blew it, how they need to play better. Tannenhill almost always says WE instead of I, and it's annoying.

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    Due to Tannehill's contract its likely that he is going to be the starting QB again next year. We have to many other holes on defense and on the o-line we will need to address those areas in free agency and early in the draft so we probably won't draft a QB until the middle rounds.

    Even Trent Dilfer said on the pregame show on Monday night that Tannehill is the hardest read of any QB in the NFL. He thinks Tannehill can do anything on the football field PHYSICALLY, and he emphasized that. I do think Tannehill has all the physical skills to be a very good QB but his inconsistency is whats so frustrating. He just can't seem to sustain success. He will make some wonderful throws but then he will miss a wide open WR on the next play. I think his biggest problem is that he lacks the instincts for the QB position.

    I really thought he was going to continue to improve this year and become a top 10 QB especially since I thought he has had some of the best weaponry he has ever had since joining the Dolphins. I guess he has one more year to either take the next step or we will get rid of him and move on.


    • DolphinsFreak
      DolphinsFreak commented
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      I agree. He can make incredible throws and do so for 15 plays in a row, then he makes mental errors and errands throws that make you scratch your head. He makes mistakes that quarterbacks should not make and he should have already learned when playing as a little kid, not trying to figure out at the pro level. I have never seen a quarterback in the NFL learn how to throw a touch pass. That is something he should have learned how to do when he was 8-12 years old, not his 4th year in the NFL. He has gotten better at throwing touch passes, I will give him that, but he should have already perfected it by the time he was in high school. It just baffles me.

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    I think Tannehill is not a natural QB, meaning the position doesn't come to him naturally. He WANTS to be a QB, and works hard at it, but as DF has said before, he lacks the instincts for it. He would be best served seeking out a REAL QB coach to help him improve his game during the offseason, as Aaron Rodgers did while waiting for his shot in Green Bay.
    You can spit-shine that turd all you want, but at the end of the day it's still a piece of crap.


    • DolphinsFreak
      DolphinsFreak commented
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      I don't understand why he hasn't done this. I am guessing if he had it would have made one of the papers. I hear of QB's seeking help all the time. Shoot, even Brady keeps trying to improve every season. Just this year he took all his wide receivers to some mountain resort to work on their timing. Whether or not they all stayed clothed is debatable and not something I feel like talking about.

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