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    Saw a lot of chatter on the web the last few days of the mutual interest between the phins and Aaron Jones from the Pack. What is the forums opinion of signing Jones for a contract between 12 and 15 million a year?

    Personally I would not do it. There are a minimum 3 RB's in this draft that will fill this hole in our offense for a much cheaper price. I love Jones and would love to see that kind of talent there for Tua and our offense, but at that price I just don't believe it's a "value".. We can get Harris, or Williams in the first 50 picks more than likely so I would like to see us address the RB position with a rookie in the 1st or 2nd round, and then another year of Gaskin and Ahmad. Both of whom showed flashes and improvement last year. Gaskin took a huge leap and IMO deserves to be in the mix one way or another.

    So my vote is no to Jones, and yes to Harris or Williams in the draft. Use your FA $$ to go get us a solid WR like Godwin, Sammual, Jones Jr, or even Hilton on a lesser contract.

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    Agreed! AJ is a damn good back & I'd love to have him, but not for what he'd cost us..It's exactly the kind of move you take a gamble on if you're a good RB away from contending for a Championship..There are some damn good backs to be had in the first 2 or 3 rounds in the upcoming draft,, let's stay the course! We swung & missed on a couple of RB's last year (Howard & Breida) lets not repeat the mistake..

    That said, I personally think its AJ's camp throwing fake news out there trying to drum up more money for their client. For whatever reason the Fins are ALWAYS used for leverage by FA's looking for more money elsewhere..


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      Jones is only 26 so I would not be mad if they signed him

      He is a NFL proven back who can do it all

      Not big on signing big contracts but

      A Jones signing would make a big, immediate impact on the O

      If David was younger I would say use the money there


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        I think AJ signs with the Jets; after using us for leverage they'll throw crazy money at him..


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          Get a youngster in the draft. I thank you


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            To many big salaries for the future. Unless you hit pay dirt in the draft and sign your guy long term FA money is not going to break the bank on RBs any longer.


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              My question is how good will he actually be behind our O-line which is nowhere near as good as GB's O-line.
              While it takes two to have an argument, it only takes one to walk away.


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                Originally posted by Dolfan1 View Post
                My question is how good will he actually be behind our O-line which is nowhere near as good as GB's O-line.
                Good point

                Going from 2nd best OL to the 28th "best" OL is meaningful


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                  IMO if they sign Jones then they feel the window is right now. I am not a fan of signing big money FA running backs. If you are going to sign Jones then I would rather spend a first round pick on a RB (Harris) who I have on a rookie contract for 4 years with a 5th year option. Give me Harris, Gaskins, Ahmed and another (cheap) vet.


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                    I would rather draft a RB and use some of our cap space to address DE/OLB in free agency since there are a lot of good available pass rushers.


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                      Build through the draft......Jones is good but....Nah $$$$


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