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Desperate times call for desperate measures...

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  • Desperate times call for desperate measures...

    Saw where we just claimed recently released Giants DE Damontre Moore on waivers...For those unfamiliar with him:

    Just what the doctor ordered; another immature, entitled malcontent whose potential stays just that..potential! SMH!!!

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    The Texas A&M Force is strong with this team... HC, QB, and now malcontent DE/OLB.

    Weird kid. He went from a projected Top 10 pick to a 3rd rounder back in 2013. Immaturity and lack of focus and dedication have been his issues. He just turned 23 this season. He was much better at OLB, sort of like say, Dion Jordan... He failed to make the jump to DE while in NY.

    Coughlin finally told him to get off his damned lawn this week. lol...

    Still, if HeisenBell and Cap'n Lou can connect with him (without a stun gun) and no one touches his headphones, he could be a good pick up. Can't say the FO isn't kicking the tires of what's out there. We'll see if he sticks or not.


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      Was he brought in to gain info? I can't imagine they actually thought he would be worth keeping around.


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        I like the move. He even said that he knows he's on borrowed time as far as turning his attitude around. Let's see if it happens.
        The deeper the roots, the higher the reach.


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          He can join Pouncey at the strip club!


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            Originally posted by DolphinsFreak View Post
            Was he brought in to gain info? I can't imagine they actually thought he would be worth keeping around.

            He won't be in until tomorrow.


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              Originally posted by VAIDER5120 View Post

              He won't be in until tomorrow.
              Well, going by his track record..he'll probably show up on Friday...


              • VAIDER5120
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                HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Good stuff. I'm down for kicking the tires as we have nothing to lose.

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              After watching our defense once again get shredded and gassed more bodies on the d line seem like a good idea. The comfort of the indoor practice facility has made our once home field advantage a disadvantage.


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                Defenses own fault they couldn't get off the field or stop the run. Game didn't get away from us until we lost Bobby McCain to injury and Taylor came in and promptly decided not to even try to cover ODB. Not that Grimes or Thomas were much better most of the game. Thomas and Grimes gave up 3 TDs. Taylor 1.

                I'll take the chance on this kid. Nothing to lose if he can play OLB some.


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                  Sorry to see Bobby Mac get waxed, seems like he's the only one in the secondary showing any real potential (Seemed like a really cheap shot but i think he needs to learn to keep his head on a swivel, hope he's okay!)

                  As far as Grimes goes, it's like his body went into retirement and didn't forward the memo to Brent; Man, it's just a flat-out shame to see him playing like he fits right at home in our shitty defense (i'm using the word defense loosely here!)

                  I don't care if we take a shot at this Dre Beats Giant Reject, but all it really amounts to is grasping at straws...


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                    The only think I actually like about this move (well 2 things), he has a ton of talent, and the old Dolphins would have never claimed someone else's problem child. We would have let NE claim him and watch him become a Pro Bowl player. He has some talent, just needs to grow up. No hurt in doing it, with OV potentially getting a big pay day somewhere else and Wake's comeback questionable we need some DE's on this roster for next season. He's still under his rookie deal so next year he puts up or ships out.


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