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  • Control.......

    Do you think Mike Tannenbaum is hoping the Dolphins win for the wrong reasons? Di you think he is hoping that the Campbell led Dolphins keep winning so he can make a case for Campbell to remain the head coach, so that he can keep control of the Miami Dolphins?

    I just don't think this head coaching job will be that appealing to the head coaches that fans would want, that the players would want and deserve, because they will more than likely want control over personnel decisions, and Tannenbaum will not want to give up any control because he is an egomaniac.

    What does your heart or heart tell you? Do you really believe that former tight ends coach should be the next head coach of the Dolphins. Do you really think he knows enough about the X's and O's? Do you think he can assembled a coaching staff that's any better then the current, worthless staff?

    What are your thoughts about the Miami Dolphins current coaching situation? Do you want Campbell to remain the head coach or are you holding out for a more seasoned NFL caliber head coach?
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton

    “The only thing worse then a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!” - Tennessee Williams

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    If Campbell gets better OC and DC then I can support his Head Coaching aspirations. Big If!
    Just frolic and live in the now like Dolphins and Man's best friend.


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      I couldn't imagine that Tannenbaum is hoping that the Fins win out so that he can keep a green, unseasoned HC at the helm & under his thumb..If that's the case then this dumpster fire is burning even faster to the ground than i thought...

      I'm still of the opinion that DC doesn't really deserve a shot at being the 'real' HC but i imagine if he wins 3 of the final 4 games he would at the very least warrant strong consideration...I want an up and comer with several years of coaching experience and preferably some HC experience at either the college or NFL level..I don't particularly want a HC who will demand total control as the responsibility usually proves overwhelming for one person...Still not sure how it's all gonna play out as far as our F.O. infrastructure goes; who will have the final say (Tannenbaum i'm assuming) where does Hickey stand in all of this mess, and ultimately who will make the final decision on picking our next HC???


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        I think every one knows where I stand on the matter,so I'm not going to go into it in length.
        but I think he has what it takes and this interim HC has given him a better understanding going forward to do the job.
        like todd bowles ,they should have went with the IHC and the same goes for dan!
        I still stand by my bold perdiction, if DC gets HC,miami goes to the super bowl in 4 years!!!!


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