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miami's defensive scheme?

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  • miami's defensive scheme?

    now in games I keep wondering why the cb's play off the wr's so far,even grimes a veteran.
    well my take is if the first 2 lines of defense in the run games fail then it's up to db's and safeties to make the tackles to save the big runs.
    well that means that the safeties have to cheat up to help the run,so the cb's have to play off a little to prevent the big pass plays down the sidelines because the cb's know that they won't have to much help over the top. you can see this in games ,long passes down the sidelines the safeties are always late to get to the play,especially akien!
    all these big runs late in the game is because the defense plays the heavy pass defense and the safeties aren't there to make the big gainer tackle and so they give up those big runs late in the games!
    the d-line and lber's need to stop the run better so the safeties can help out the corners more so the corners can press the wr's more because they know they have help over the top!

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    Grimes has the choice to play close or off. Poor FS play and more SS support for the run as you stated are the biggest reasons. JMO.


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      i was just noticing that every time miami shoots the ball deep the wr have to contend with 2 defenders to catch the ball,example ; parkers td catch against the ravens.
      then you see when miami is defending the deep ball there's never 2 defenders there ,one always comes in late when the balls caught or is in the end zone!
      miami's defense have a tough time getting off the field in 3rd down because most times the wr's have a huge cushion and are reacting to the wr 's cut and having to make up the difference between themselves and the wr and if the qb is on time with the pass impossible to do playing off the wr.
      why can't they press the wr at the LOS and disrupt that timing between qb and wr?


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        I agree, we don't seem to be hitting receivers coming off the line. Quite often the opposing QB's look as if they are running a 7 on 7 drill, rather than playing AGAINST an opponent...

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