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Who would you choose as the Dolphins next HC?

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  • Who would you choose as the Dolphins next HC?

    Gary Patterson - TCU HC

    David Shaw - Stanford HC

    Mike Shula - Panthers OC

    Hue Jackson - Bengals OC

    Jim Mora Jr. - UCLA HC

    Sean Payton - Saints HC

    I don't want to give up any draft picks so that will rule out Sean Payton since I heard the Saints are looking for some draft compensation for him. I think Gary Patterson has the highest upside and so thats who I would choose. I listed the candidates in order of who I want the most to the least.

    Does anybody have someone else in mind who they want as the Dolphins next HC?

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    If I were the GM I would NOT give up any draft picks to be able to hire Sean Payton. Since I am not the GM and the Dolphins past "success" at drafting has been so horrible I wouldn't have a problem giving up a draft pick to get a head coach like Payton, as long as he doesn't want to take control over player personnel. He hasn't done well in that dept. and the Graham trade alone gives me reservations about him having any type of control. Can you imagine giving up a player as talented as Graham? Brees hasn't been the same without him. Tom Brady hasn't been the same without Gronk. Even the elite QB's need their go-to player and you NEVER just trade away players like that.

    Sean Payton

    Mike Shula

    Jim Mora Jr.

    David Shaw (Not too much NFL experience but he has been on the NFL head coaching radar for a few years now)

    Hue Jackson (I just don't think he will be a good head coach)

    Gary Patterson (No NFL experience scares me......and I know next to nothing about him)
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      Patricia or Shanahan from Pats.


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        Mike Shula... Young, Hard nose, knows the x's and O's very well, Son of Don Shula who was a tough coach and I would assume a tough father, Has been around football and coaching his whole life. Plus, what he's done in Carolina has been top notch football... How fitting and what a boost for the Dolphins fan base.... Hands down, Mike Shula....


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        I like Hue Jackson or Mike Shula. I like Hue's passion that he wears on his sleeve and the fact that he understands offenses. Shula has the pedigree and played and coached at Alabama and the NFL. Shula understands the pressures of high profile jobs and situations.
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          My first choice would be Payton.....I like his coaching style, he's a proven Superbowl coach and a winner. I'd go with Mike Shula next based on the family association...would be nice to have another Shula at the helm and we can only hope he could walk in his fathers footsteps.


          • HndRkyaBong34
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            Well, being the OC of a undefeated team in December is a pretty good sign he's doing something similar to his old man.... Not to shabby....
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          • DolphinsFreak
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            Your top two coaching candidates are the same as mine and for the same reasons. I think the odds of Payton coming to Miami are slim to none so I have hope that whomever is in charge of hiring the Dolphins next head coach doesn't blow it and hires Shula and gives him a chance to be another Shula who can coach the Dolphins for the next 25 years.

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          I just don't want to give up a draft pick for Payton.
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            No love for Mike "The Rat" Shanahan? He's the perfect fit for the Dolphins.


            • Seadog
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              I did like Shanny the Rat as coach, but my feeling is he would be better suited running our operation...

              Mike Shula for HC....

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            I hate that we're even having this conversation but my honest thoughts are as long as we have Ross still owning the team and he keeps Mike TanneBUM, we're screwed no matter who the coach is.
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              Mike Shula


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