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  • RT Live on NFLN

    About to do a live interview on NFLN in a few min.

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    LAME!!! The WP man of the year stuff. Up and down year. Campbell has been great. I was expecting some questions with substance. Nowhere near worthy of posting on here.


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      I missed it but once you've heard him in an interview once you know what his answers will be. He's a politician now, more so then others. With 86 total yards passing if asked what they can do to improve he would say that THEY need to complete more passes and do more on offense. If Brady or others were asked the same question they would man up and say that it's on them, that they have to do better as a quarterback. Tannehill always says "they" and never takes the blame for his shortcomings. I need to stop posting about him, it just makes me angrier. AHA
      "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton

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