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  • loyalties,motives

    on one hand you have dan campbell fighting for this team ,franchise and players and in my IMHO doing a job as well as it could be done at this time!
    on the other hand you have coaches not employed or some positional nfl coaches or HC from the college level.
    the unemployed previous head coach's in the nfl,as many surmise would only come here if they have all situations that they want set up, or ,and would demand a kings ransom to do the job!

    on one hand you have dan campbell, loyalties is to this team players fans and franchise as he is doing right now ,motives to take a team that is in tough times end that and motives to get this team playing so fans can be excited to root for this team in the stadium and in their personal lives .
    on the other you have coaches who's loyalties are to their selves and to have their demands met or their situations met,their motives again is personal, or monetary or they would do nothing for this franchise!
    loyalties ,motives?????????????????????????

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    No currently or previously employed head coaches want to come here without the tools to succeed in making this a winning team. If know that if they come to Miami, they are already facing an uphill battle with this team. If they make this Dolphins a winning team, they will be able to walk on water, and cure leprosy. If they fail, they will be like all the rest of the failures this team has hired since Shula retired. Their careers will be basically over once they fail here.
    The current front office really doesn't care if this team wins or loses. They have their jobs. TBaum, Aponte and all the rest of the FO are just along for the ride.
    The players gave all their loyalties and hope in Philbin, Sporano, Saban, Cameron, Wannstedt in the beginning too, but look what happened. This is the NFL where money talks. The players and the Coaches are only interested in making money.


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