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players out playing bad coaching schemes!

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  • players out playing bad coaching schemes!

    In the offseason when we knew philbin and coyles would return ,I made a comment to the effect the only way miami succeeds is if the talent of the players can out play the schemes!
    I thought ,Suh a multi PBer, now he can out play coyles schemes,WRONG. As soon as coyle was replaced Suh started playing better, Wake started to tally up sacks.

    I'm hoping that now that lazor is gone maybe tannehill can do the same and maybe some other players will come out from behind the curtain!
    maybe miller,ajayi,parker would be what it takes to get this offense scoring . oh and a stoppage of putting a o-line in tough situations where they are bound to lose,like 3rd and long with tannehill standing like a statue waiting for some one to sack him.and when the defense is blitzing and bringing the extended family with them ,tannehill can change the play to the wr that has single coverage on him and he can change the route that get him the ball,and tannehill isn't left in the pocket waiting for a wr to run a down field route,while he has giants bearing down on him in the pocket!
    time will tell!!!!!

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    Yeah, the entire defense was unhappy with Coyles and his schemes. Philbin and Coyles took a Top 3-5 defense from 2010/2011 and turned it into a mediocre unit by dumping or misusing talent. If not for these guys, we still have Dansby and Vontae. 2 guys would would've helped us win a few more games the past couple seasons. Glad Philbin and Coyles are gone. Good riddance.

    Lazor would've probably been fine if we had a better interior OL. Darryn Colledge, Satale, and Pouncey we all a better LG, C, and RG than the interior we've fielded this season. We also did not carry a Fullback under Philbin/Lazor. Our last one was Javorski Lane under Sherman.

    Biggest problem with Lazor was that he did nothing to play to the strengths of his QB. Instead he kept him in the shotgun a lot of the time and insisted he play from the pocket. Tannehill needs to be on the move constantly - rollouts, bootlegs, designed runs, and having receivers running routes past the sticks. Instead everyone was constantly bunched up.

    As for Tannehill himself, the dew is off the rose. He must do more these next 5 games on his own to make plays. He has shown time and again that he is capable of doing this, he just remains inconsistent. Same for the receivers. Often even when Tannehill has gotten them the ball, they drop it at the most inopportune times. And of course the OL and TEs need to eliminate the mistakes and penalties.

    Really wish it were as simple as Tannehill was the sole problem with the offense. That's just not the case. Be nice if there was clear improvement going forward over these next 5 games. I'm sure we're capable, but equally sure we'll remain inconsistent across the board.



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      I couldn't agree more with both of you. I don't know how much is the player's limitations and how much is poor scheming, game-plans, play calling and teaching. On the hopeful side I can't help but wonder why guys who could play elsewhere like Stills, Suh, Cameron and Parker just can't seem to execute on this team? If they are being derailed by the coaching staff, then how many others that aren't so obvious are in the same boat? Tannehill, Miller, Ajayi, Douglas McCain, etc.?

      But I agree with you also that it's time for each player to step up like Suh has. No excuses! I would rather be on the hot seat for not following the interim coaches instructions than for not making plays. So we have a bunch of guys that have a 5 week long job interview, no one exempt, let's see who wants to ball!


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        you hit the nail on the head,WHO WANT TO BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        the young guys getting a chance this weeekend,so we'll see who steps up to the plate,that's what's left basically in this season,vet or rookie!


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