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Fins: The new poster-child for ineptitude!

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  • Fins: The new poster-child for ineptitude!

    Though we sit at 4 & 7 and there are several teams with worse records, i think the Miami Dolphins are very possibly the worst team in the league right now..IMO, most, if not all of the teams we've beaten this year would beat us if we were to play them again right now; the Redskins who we were a Landry punt return away from losing to on opening day would hand us our asses on a platter, the Texans who have rebounded quite nicely would almost definitely extend their unbeaten streak against us if that game were being played now, & very possibly the Titans with a healthy Mariota would beat us and the Eagles game was & probably still would be a coin-toss.

    Between poor ownership, a dysfunctional Front Office, bad coaching, second-rate players & massive injuries, we have become the joke of the league..I mean really, when i watch the Fins play now it's like watching a half-decent college team trying to play NFL teams on Sunday..An abomination!

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    I have to say I agree. There's not a single team I think Miami should be favored against and I expect absolutely nothing but keystone cops level embarrassment from them the rest of the way. They're inept enough they might stumble into a win to hurt their draft position - but they are nothing but an "easy out" to the rest of the league. Someone they can point to when things go bad and say "yeah - but at least we aren't them".

    ​Worst of all? A huge and total rebuild is coming after the season - but we're in the worst cap position of any team in the NFL. Next year's joke of a team will be full of cast offs no one wants, rookies and UFAs...while the few good players we have will leave or be cut for cost savings. It'll be YEARS before this trainwreck is fixed....


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      Yup,, a few weeks ago i said i was having trouble believing we'd win another game but that we'd probably luck out a win or three just enough to screw up draft day; hell, we screw up everything else, why not??? Well, it doesn't matter where we pick on draft day, they could give us the whole 1st round & we'd find a way to f#@k that up too, so i don't think any of us should worry about draft position anymore!

      Anyway, after the back-to-back ass whippings put on us by the Pats & Bills we somehow backed into a win against the hapless Eagles, but since then have been smacked around by the Cowboys & demolished by the Jets..I don't see us winning another game and we'll end the season riding a 7 game losing streak & losing 9 out of our last 10...We could possibly squeak out a win against the pick-6 throwing Schaub-led Ravens, though i seriously doubt it and the game against the Chargers might be a draw, but the sad fact is that this is one terrible team; an out & out dumpster fire with zero hope on the horizon!


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