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  • 2012 QB draft class

    This is not to endorse Tannehill, but I find it interesting that all the QB's drafted in 2012 are really struggling this season. Luck is having a worse year than Tannehill, RG3 can't even get on the field, and Wilson is also having his worst season since being drafted. Weedon can't even beat out Cassel when Romo went down. What is up with the 2012 QB's? Is this a coincidence, or is there something in the QB water tank?
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    The things is to keep drafting a QB each draft until you find one


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      It happens. I can remember back in 90s when Dan McGwire and Todd Marinovich were the top names in the 91 draft. Favre was the 3rd QB taken out of 13 QBs drafted that year. He ended up a HOF'er and not one of the other 12 was worth a damn. And it took him 3 or 4 years to start producing.

      As for 2012, Luck has always been a great talent, but relies on his arm too much. He makes boneheaded decisions and has been able to get away with them as he faces the weakest division in football. RG-Me was all college hype. Wilson has always ridden Lynch's coattails and had that defense to keep him from being exposed. He never had to provide all of the offense. He only throws a handful of passes each game.

      I don't think Tannehill will ever elite or able to carry a team without a solid cast, but he's still a Matt Ryan/Andy Dalton type. Surround him with talent, protect him in the pocket and use him as a compliment to a power running game and to get the ball into the hands of the playmakers. We should be able to find 2 starting guards and a better swing tackle than Jason Fox this offseason.



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