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Dolphins NOT Built AFC East style.

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  • Dolphins NOT Built AFC East style.

    Well, in a nutshell, the Dolphins FO seems like they have no clue as to what division they belong.
    The AFC East is comprised of 4 teams, 3 who play BIG BOY football, want to push you around, are built around their O and D Lines, and solid secondaries, aminly to attempt to stop the biggest bully, the Patriots. Save the patsies, the Bills and jets are wart covered, but use their aggressive nature to build a lead, then come after you.

    However, the weakling in the bunch, our Miami Dolphins heeded not the advice of many who were concerned the Fins were timid, had no push at the LOS (either offensively nor ...surprisingly... defensively), have short corners, no depth back there, no LB depth of any consequence, and worse no depth in the Offensive line. For the past 4 years, they were coached by a timid, spineless HC, a too cute for his haircut OC, a DC that ruined a good unit, and captained by a QB that isn't ready for prime time till the game is already out of hand. This manifests itself most significantly against TEAMS IN HIS OWN DIVISION, the mean old bullies situated in the Northeastern part of the US. To save him any embarrassment, I'll call him "Captain Trash-stats."

    Quite simply, no one in the front office has apparently paid any attention to the acquisitions garnered by the Dolphins division mates. perhaps they should have. It isn't just about the Pats, who will be kings as long as Brady, Gronk, and the best HC and staff in the NFL make the Northeast their home. If only the Dolphins could conquer the OTHER 2 teams in the division, win 3 of those 4, a 10 win season would be possible. You'd carry THAT attitude to games with teams like the Colts, Giants, Cowboys, Ravens.

    Ross stays in NY, oblivious to all that's happened to his play toy. Tannenbaum has succeeded eviscerating 2 teams in the same division. Unfortunately one is US, with help from a clueless owner, a spineless Hickey, and the worst recognition of HOW IT IS in the AFC East.

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    we just don't match up well against anybody in our own division. we are a soft finesse team. we can't run and we can't stop the run. 4-2 outside the division and 0-5 inside the division. we won't go anywhere until we can beat the teams inside our own division.


    • IMAWriter
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      My point EXACTLY...I believe I stated that!! ROOK! haha. I complained about being a rookie last week. They heard my distress call.
      This is a great place. I missed some of my long time friends from WAY back even before the Jason Cole days at the Herald.

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    Well, I thought we'd have a bit more discussion regarding this. Nevermind.


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      It's a great topic that you started. I just think people have given up on this team and don't have it in them to bother discussing what will make this team great, because they know in their hearts that the Dolphins owner won't do anything to fix this team. Ross will allow Tannenbaum to keep his job, which will keep ALL big name coaches from coming to Miami, and the Dolphins will once again be forced to hire a coach from the bottom of the coaching barrel. Then, the fans will be stuck with another Head Coach who in unqualified and unworthy of the job, all because the OWNER of the Dolphins has no clue how to run an NFL team. What he should do is forget about his NY buddies and fire EVERYONE and start fresh. He should then hire a NFL caliber head coach and give that person total control to bring in his staff, an NFL staff, to build a team that can compete with all teams in the NFL, including their division rivals.

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    Originally posted by IMAWriter
    Well, I thought we'd have a bit more discussion regarding this. Nevermind.
    We would still have a viable season if we had just split with the Bills and Jets. Dolphins would be 6-5, Jets would be 5-6 and Bills would be 4-7. Thats why division games are so important.


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      I agree with what you are saying. The Dolphins have fired the head coach, the d-coach, and the o-coach. They now have assistant coaches and ball-boys running this team. Nothing is left of the original coaches, and now should immediately start firing the clueless business idiots running this team. Tannenbaum, Aponte, and the others hopefully will be shit-canned at the end of the season, and Ross (he can't and won't fire himself) puts up enough money to hire a front office team with some football knowledge instead of a business backround. This team will sit in this mudpuddle for the next 2-3 years til someone else comes in to take over.


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        I don't think it inspired the discussion as much because no one disagreed enough to argue. Philbin and Coyles were trying to build a WC/finesse team in the cerebral mold they wanted. It failed miserably in our division. We typically match up well outside the division and get our asses kicked the past couple of seasons within it.

        Tbaum should be able to get back to being competitive within the division as he understands both Belichick and Rex from his experiences working with both. Also, Dan Campbell gets it. It's about being tough and dominant in the trenches.

        Worst thing that happened to us was allowing Philbin to run the show as HC and deciding on the roster. We've done nothing but get softer each season he was here and the absolute worst decision by Ross was to extend Philbin at the end of last year after he had clearly lost the team.

        Last 5 games are basically player evaluations, especially for Tannehill and some of the bubble guys. Hoping to see much more of the rookies - Phillips, Parker, Ajayi, Bobby McCain, Vigil, Hewitt, and Lippett. This draft was much stronger than the 2014 draft which gave us only James and Landry as viable starters and couple developmental guys like Fede.

        Pretty sure our #1 draft pick in 2016 will be the best DB available where we pick. You just can't have enough good DBs or DEs.
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          Yeppers, a CB taller than 5'9", and a safety to help the Fins 2nd or 3rd best player, Rishard Jones...If he doesn't make the Pro Bowl, there is no justice.
          CB, O-Line...LT for the future, Safety, MLB, QB, another O-Line pick. You can't fix it in one year. As you said, lots of guys will be gone...Moore, Aikins, Mitchell, Linkenbach and the other 2-3 O-Line scrubs picked up beginning of the season, Stoneburner. I don't think you can keep Wake AND Vernon. Age would dictate keeping Vernon, but Wake, WHEN HEALTHY is the better pass rusher. Neither do that well sealing the edge on the run. I'd keep Wake, have him restructure...IF he's able to play at full strength. Miller stays, Taylor as well, for depth. Sorry for the off topic.

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        So what everyone's basically saying is that we should petition to be moved to the NFC East where we'd be a game outta 1st place!!!


        • HndRkyaBong34
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          Yeah, since you're not smart enough for the regular classrooms put me in the portables so you appear to be a little smarter than the rest....Go Dolphins! Quick! wipe the drool of its chin..... Come on! This is Redunkulous!

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        Actually, we should be in the AFC South...but MY AFC South...Atlanta, Jax, Tampa bay, Miami!!! haha
        Thanks for the responses, I now feel a little more worthy this afternoon.
        BTW, totally agree with Tarpon Guide and others who want to S-Can the FO...In addition Ross needs to base IN MIAMI. I saw what happened to the Titans when Bud Adams kept year round to Houston.


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          Reminder! The Dolphins are last in the AFC EAST.. Right where they belong...Period.... And even if we were in a different division only the best show up in the big show.... it wouldn't matter what division the dolphins are in...... They Suck! Top to Bottom....


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            Originally posted by HndRkyaBong34
            Reminder! The Dolphins are last in the AFC EAST.. Right where they belong...Period.... And even if we were in a different division only the best show up in the big show.... it wouldn't matter what division the dolphins are in...... They Suck! Top to Bottom....
            Agreed...that they are last, and would be other than in a couple other divisions, such as the AFC South perhaps. However, I still put forth that the Dolphins were built with basically NO regard for their opponents strengths...from the TOP down. Weak owner, weak FO, weak coaches, Philbin's idea of football and lifestyle mentality. Joe is judgmental, and that=, along with the fact he was miles over his head has put the Dolphins in this position. We saw this coming 2 years ago, after the 1st collapse. Mental weakness from the team.


            • HndRkyaBong34
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              yeah, not only they weren't built for their opponents strength but they can't even figure out what their own strength are..... This presents a problem....

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            Have to disagree. The Pats are far and away the class of the division, with Jets and Buff being nothing special at all. Pats are far from physical. Hell, they had one 100 yard rusher all year, had Brady lead the team with 15 yards in another, and threw like 60 times vs Buff in a route. They don't give up a ton on the run because they are so far ahead that no one wants to.
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            • IMAWriter
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              The Patsies certainly out physical'd the Dolphins. When your D-Line looks clueless and ineffectual against a teams 3rd string O-Line, you've been out physical'd.
              Gronk out physicals everyone. other than 3 games (Eagles included), the Phins D line has been pushed around, and the O-LIne was exposed in the others.
              When, in the AFC East have the Dolphins actually imposed their WILL on other teams/ Not just win, but demoralize?...Like they do to the Fins?
              There is NO way the Pats are soft, either physically, or more importantly MENTALLY. The other 3 teams in the division are soft Mentally.

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            Was thinking about this topic again... Philbin did us a huge disservice and Ross by extension by extending him last year when he'd clearly lost the team.

            Tannehill vs AFC East
            5 Games

            133 completions
            231 attempts
            1455 yards
            7 TD
            8 INT
            72.0 rating
            6.30 YPA
            10.93 YPC

            Tannehill vs the rest of the league
            7 games

            135 completions
            205 attempts
            1624 yards
            15 TD
            3 INT
            108.2 rating
            7.92 YPA
            12.03 YPC

            Miller vs AFC East
            5 games

            40 attempts
            125 yards
            3.13 YPC
            3 TD

            Miller vs the rest of the league
            7 games

            99 attempts
            555 yards
            5.61 YPC
            2 TD

            Why, such a huge dichotomy?

            Each of the AFCE teams are led by a defensive minded coach who is very good at what he does and we are NOT a physical team. We get man-handled across the board. Also, Special Teams has screwed us all season with stupid plays and bad starting yardage.

            Secondly, our WC/finesse offensive system is garbage against this division. It worked for a while when it was still new last season, but once the rest of the teams had a chance to study and plan for it, coupled with Philbin and Lazor's dislike of pounding the ball, it was done as the passing game was predicated on a short/fast passing route system that was meant to get the ball to the receivers short and have them move the chains with YAC/RAC, then hit a few deeper passes. Our opponents have realized that if they focus on covering the area within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage, our offense is just totally shut down and helpless. If they can do that plus blitz with LBs or DBs at the same time, like all three of our rivals can and do.

            I don't see a fix for this for the rest of the year, but I think that if you look at how well Tannehill and Miller have played in the seven games against teams outside of the AFC East, it's obvious that both guys can play well when the blocking is holding up. There are just problems to be fixed with the coaching scheme, player usage, depth and some talent that will need to be addressed this off-season.

            Like it or not, there is a 99% chance Tannehill is coming back next season and will be in his 3rd offensive system. Difference being this one is likely a return to AFCE football - power running game and stout defense.

            Additionally, I expect to see a mid to late round QB taken. Coker or Hogan both fit the mold of what we'll probably be looking for now that Philbin is gone.


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              Hell no we are not built for the AFC BEAST. One thing I praise Campbell on is he knows this finesse BS mentality and the culture of this team has to change. Phailbin shipped most of the hard nose players out and was not a leader of men. We became the runt of the pack.


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