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  • my advice for campbell

    lose from here on in so they don't give you this HC job over these losers!
    this team is making you look bad and kill your chances for a HC job!
    go tell ross you don't want the HC job over these LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go tell ross he has about 4 or 5 players that are worthy of the nfl the rest wouldn't make 2nd or3rd stringers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    trade his qb while he's still highly thought of by some teams ,because in a sort period of time he won't be worth a 10th rounder haha!

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    Larry the cable guy will never be a HC in the NFL.. He's just as lost as Philbin... Blow it up!


    • Phinatic514
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      He was handed a train wreck. What do you expect him to do? He's 3-4 in seven games; not 0-7.

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    Yes, Ricky, but blown out in 3 of them, and clueless against the Cowboys. He lost me when with 5 minutes left and behind by 3 TDs, he's calling time outs...when the Jets had the Ball! The jets eventually kicked a field goal. Playing Tanny the last 2 minutes with NOTHING to gain iun a game that cost the Fins 5 players, and possibly Matthews for several games. IU'll wager the Fins will even screw up losing, and finish 6-10, my post Philbin prediction.


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