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Dolphins MVP's on O, D, & ST's So Far?

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  • Dolphins MVP's on O, D, & ST's So Far? Here's a link for current Phins stats if you want to use them.

    O- I have to go with Lamar Miller for a combo of run, pass, block, score, etc. Even with his limited touches, he gets my vote.

    Considered Matthews, Landry, Tannehill, and Pouncey.

    D- I have to go with Reshad Jones for the most consistent, and making plays.

    Considered Suh, Grimes, and Wake could have been the choice if healthy for 10 games.

    ST's- I have to go with Darr. He made me forget about our overall MVP of years past in Fields. Enough said.

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    Jones is our overall MVP in a landslide. He's played consistently and been a playmaker week after week. Definitely the best on our D. When Wake got healthy, he might have changed this one...but it was not to be. Suh and Grimes are very good, but not every game.

    ‚ÄčI'd go with Landry for O. Makes plays, is reliable, catches, runs, returns. Has had a couple of big TDs - and game changing ones. Miller and Tannehill have had their moments, but not enough.

    Darr for ST. He's been good for a rookie and made very few mistakes. I thought keeping him over Fields was an error....but not from what we've seen. Could be very good.
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        MVP's? Most Valuable Player's...Playing for the Dolphins?? Did you just say that with a straight face??!!!


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          Totally agree with your picks and runner-ups and why. Landry is everything Miler is and more, but WRs just don't touch the ball as much as RBs do.


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            Originally posted by Driven_Phinsane! View Post
            MVP's? Most Valuable Player's...Playing for the Dolphins?? Did you just say that with a straight face??!!!
            In the Valley of the Blind, the man with one eye is MVP.


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              yeah, i know..It unfortunately has been the kind of year (even worse than usual for the Fins) where we are so-o-o-o shitty, you don't really feel any of 'em deserve being mentioned in the same sentence as 'most valuable'..

              ST's are a total joke so i'd be hard-pressed to even pick a one-eyed guy, though Darr has played well & John Denney still hustles his ass off..Still amazes me how often as the LS, he's still one of the first guys down on punt coverage..

              My one-eyed guy on offense is a tie between Landry & Miller..Would probably be Miller in a landslide if we had an OC who stuck with him & the run game..I think Matthews definitely deserves a shout-out!

              My choice for one-eyed guy on D is Reshad Jones barely edging out Suh..Jones play has been more highlight-reel worthy but Suh's worth cannot be overstated & rarely shows up on the stat page...


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                I agree on Matthews, We should trade him while he still has value... We need to gather as many Draft picks as we can at this point... Then again, this FO can't see the forest before the trees....Pointless.

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