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  • Puppets

    You get the feeling Tannenbaum is the GM and Hickey has no real say? Does Tannenbaum fire Hickey when and if Capbell goes? Does he make himself GM or hire a GM to hire the Coach?
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    Not sure why you say that... the Coples signing? That doesn't happen if OV was worth his asking price and McCain was viable option for the future.

    No idea yet. I won't be surprised either way if Hickey goes or stays. The FAs and draft along with the HC is the key. We're just evaluating positions from here on out.


    • AquaXI
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      I guess so. It seems from Suh to Coples has Tannenbaum all over it. Nothing wrong with that but wonder what really does hickey do( rhetorical ).

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    From what I remember reading - Tanenbaum is the VP of Football Operations. Hickey is the GM and pretty much relegated to running the scouting dept and handling the draft. Anything that isn't draft is Tbaum is my understanding.


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      While the team has been a big disappointment, I tend to think that's a combination of coaching (Philbin just got nothing out of them and Campbell is raw and just learning the role), injuries (Delmas was huge, Wake really hurts and our OTs missing time has been brutal), and only a couple errors on the part of the FO. I think overall they have drafted decently and brought in quality FAs the last couple of years. Not perfect - but no one is. We have talent and a good bit of young talent.

      ‚ÄčThe real problem in my opinion is that we did not get a very good young CB across from Grimes and didn't address the problems at G and LB. I understand there was the hope that some young guys would step up and shine - but they need a better plan than crossed fingers.

      Jenkins is the only LB we have that really is starter quality (though we did a good job with the UFAs - a couple of which might develop and certainly will be solid depth). Misi would be a solid backup who can play ILB or OLB. He's decent for that.

      At OG? It's bad. Maybe some day, and they'd be understandable if the starter had been hurt and they were pressed in for a game or two. I don't think either of our starters would start for any other team in the NFL. For some teams, they probably wouldn't even make the 53.

      At CB? We have a couple guys that would be fine as the slot, but we need a young starter on the outside and another young developmental guy because Grimes won't have much longer. God help us if we don't fix that soon.

      Finally - FS? What a joke. Aikens is so bad I just hold my head in my hands. He's maybe practice squad material. Thomas is okay for depth - but is just a guy. A real difference maker at this spot would likely have changed a game or two this season.

      The bottom line, I don't think that the coaches don't have some talent to work with. There's just a couple glaring holes that other teams can exploit to a big advantage. The way to beat our D? Passes to TEs or RBs out of the backfield. Our LBs can't cover and our DBs and Safety (this doesn't include Jones) are no help. It's easy. To beat our O? Attack Fox (a total turnstile) and the guards. Get in the backfield for sacks or to wreck the Running game's timing. We'll then become one dimensional and much less effective. It's sad these things are obvious to a Pop Warner coach....


      • IMAWriter
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        yes, Gd help the Fins if these problems and more aren't addressed. I'm just not as comfortable with Tannenbaum as a few others seem to be. With Ross in NY...a bad thing...Tannenbaum is his eyes and ears, basically telli9ng Ross whatever Tannenbaum feels more, no less. If there is an issue with Tannehill and his teammates, it's up to the press to suss it out, as T'Baum won't reveal to Ross. After all, It was T'Baum's decision to resign T'Hill.
        I was not for the =addition of Tannenbaum. This last draft was a disaster, especially if Parker's issues remain. Not addressing the position Alpha mentions, and in addition, as SOBE mentioned in another thread, deploying Cameron as a blocker, not a receiver? That man should be targeted 6-10 times a game, as Clay was. Cameron is better than Clay.

        This team is worse since the arrival of T'Baum, or at least it PERFORMS worse, usually a sign of a team in some sort of distress.

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      Need Jeff Dunham as Czar.


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