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  • Offense vs Jets

    Our pistol set offense vs the Jets is a bad matchup for us. Bowles and his crew salivate thinking about blitzing RT and him throwing his 2-6 yard passes against their CBs playing everything in front. This team needs to line up two TEs and beat the Jets defense between the seams both running and passing. Here's a breakdown of what seems to make sense:
    Lamar Miller- 15 carries, 2 receptions
    Jay Ajayi - 15 carries, 5 receptions
    R Tannehill - 4 scrambles (forward, for + yards) not back and to the right.
    J Cameron - 5 receptions
    D Sims - 2 receptions
    Landry - 5 receptions
    Matthews - 4 receptions
    Parker - 3 receptions
    Stills - 3 receptions
    Hitting the TEs off of play action should keep the Jet LBs honest and keep the Jet CBs out of the play altogether. Spreading the ball around to all the WRs should shock the Jets' defenders keeping them off balance and less likely to be jumping Tannehill's tendencies. It would be advantageous for us to see 3 or 4 of those passes 20-40 yards down the middle of the field on combination routes. Pounding the ball will bring out the best in our O line and allow us to see what Jay Ajayi is capable of once he gets locked in. Ajayi should get a majority of the RB receptions with his RAC ability. The Jets power must be matched play for play or we can count on a whole lot of holding penalties, sacks and punts.

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    Its crucial that our defense keeps us in the game so we aren't one dimensional. We have to at least try to run the ball and I would try some screens to combat their blitzes. Cameron and Sims need to have big games for us since their LB's are the weakness of their defense.


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      lazors offensive game plan!
      on all 3rd and long situations,make tannehill drop back into the pocket with every jet pinning back their ears coming after him and unlike a elite qb make them pay by finding the guy that was left open and scorch them for a big play,instead he either sacked or completes a pass for 2 yrds!
      you and the world know they will be sending blitzers on 3rd and long except lazor,he call the same play for a sack every week you can count on that!
      he can do designed rollouts,but when he's chased out he fails a lot,because he can't multitask . when he scrambles he can't run and keep his eyes down field. he runs then he when he just about gets out of bounds he looks for a receiver which is too late by then!


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        I have to admit, our Offense does not match up worth a darn against the jests. Their D line is far better than our NOline - they can shut down our run, get to the QB, single Revis up to take away Landry (Tanny's blankie) and at that point we're pretty limited. Cameron might be our best option - because it'll be a lot of quick passes when Tannehill isn't getting sacked.


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