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Landry vs Bess

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  • Landry vs Bess

    I like Landry and he is a VG slot receiver but, not a "great" player."

    Last year, he caught 84 passes for a 9.0 avg and 5 TD's
    This year, 63 passes for a 10.3 avg and 3 TD's

    In 2011, D Bess caught 51 for a 10.5 avg and 3 TD's with M Moore the primary QB'
    In 2012, 61 for a 12.8 avg and 1 TD with a rookie QB.

    I know that many draft starved fans want someone to believe in as do I but, Landry is not great. Same is true of James, who many fail to see how he has really played. We are still searching for that "great" pick" and now there has to be doubts that Parker will be the one. JMO

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    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. OJ McDuffie also comes to mind. I just stated in another thread that Landry has been a positive for us to a fault. I'm not saying he can't be great. I'm just saying that defenses are happy to give Landry what he gets if that is all they really have to sacrifice. Once Tannehill has to come off of him, RT is pretty much lost. It's a complete joke that Parker has not already risen to the top of our WR food chain. If we bring in an OC with a real passing game, Landry will be our third most explosive receiver and still put up better numbers than he has right now. It's like acting excited about our LB with the most tackles.


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      Landry is legit. He's not a slot reciever. He's playing a system that basically only allows him to make plays in space.

      Look at the Dallas game again, he beat the CB on the wheel and Tanny couldn't hit him.

      The second time, even Tanny did hit him right in the bread basket, but he doesnt lead his WR.

      I would love to see Landry with a QB that can hit him in stride.

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      He is nothing more than a slot receiver because of size and speed. Reminds me some of Cobb with GB, who was still nothing more than a VG slot receiver with Rodgers.

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    landry is a smart player aware of what's going on around him and that gives him that extra stuff.on his returns he sees the field and most times can find that seam that allows him to make positive yrds.
    I like him as a returner but don't think he should do it all game ,it could take away from his production as a wr.


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      Couldn't disagree more. Landry has better hands, it way tougher, and is 10x the playmaker Bess was. Easily the best WR we have had on this team since the Marino days. I don't ever remember Bess running over guys and creating the amount of YAC that Landry does. I agree with you on James, but you're smoking something if you think Landry is an average player and nothing more than a slot WR.
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        No comparison to Bess. Laundry should have been a 1st rounder! This guy is the second coming of Boldin! His passion on the field is contagious and valuable!
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          I have to say that I really REALLY like Landry. He's not flawless. He's not a sure fire pro bowler every year. He is a very good starting WR who gets open, makes some plays, has great hands and brings intensity and fire to a team that needs it. He's one of the best 2nd round picks Miami has made in a LONG time....and he's a player we can build around over the next few years.

          ​I'm not ready to start doubting Parker yet. Guy is a rookie. He's been hurt and missed time. I normally expect WRs not to really show what they can do until year there's time. He'll get his chances. If we lose Sunday, he should be starting the rest of the way though.


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            I like Landry a lot, in fact he is my favorite Dolphins player, but we also have to be honest with ourselves. He is not a game breaker of a difference maker. He does not put fear into a defense. He is basically Tannehill's security blanket. Teams will let him catch a bunch of 8 or 9 yard passes knowing that we don't have a credible running game and once we get into the red zone they can clamp down on Landry better.

            If Landry was playing with a real QB and a couple of stud WR's on the outside he would be so much more productive than what he is now.


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              I like Landry, not a great player but, a VG slot receiver, and NEVER said Bess was better. It was a comparison point of reference. A closer look.

              Landry is 63 of 94 targets for 651 yds, a 10.3 avg, 3 TD's, and 320 YAC.
              Matthews is 43 of 60 for 662 yards, a 15.4 avg, 4 TD's, and 234 YAC.
              Miller is 35 of 41 for 330 yards, a 9.4 avg, 2 TD's, and 360 YAC.

              Compare as you like but, I see Matthews as our best receiver. I added Miller for YAC, as some are using short throws. RB and slot are tuff to compare but, Miller has half the catches and more yards is worth considering.

              For me to think of Landry to be a great slot receiver, I look at Cobb last year going 91 of 126 for 1287, a 14.1 avg, and 12 TD's. I also look at Welker, with both having HOF QB's. As far as the best overall WR's in the NFL (including slot), where is everyone placing Landry? Top 10? Top 20? Top 32? Where does he have to rank for you to think he is great?


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