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Play Calls- OC vs Fans vs Players?

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  • Play Calls- OC vs Fans vs Players?

    I've been a Phinatic for many a year, and cannot recall an OC who fans liked overall. I remember the complaints with "Dan The Man" needing to run more, Tuna & Company needing adapt to throwing more, and everything before, in between, and after.

    Any OC tries to do what is best for his O. He has info that would make most fan's head spin with coaches breaking down miles of tape on every game. He game plans on that info, which sometimes works and other times does not. Understand that there are other opposing coaches on D doing the same thing. From what I have heard and seen, all teams know what the play is going to be on 3 of 4 plays from extensive research on what teams do.

    Stat wise, we are about the same as with Lazor last year but, Miller is better (receiver), as our our WR's are better. Tannehill has taken a step backwards.

    Unless the OC has great talent, he has to take what the D is giving. If there are 6 or 7 in the box, it's gonna be tuff to run and better to pass and if there are 5 in the box, running is a good idea. Then there are are also player match ups where the numbers do not matter as much. They do consider this.
    Most fans have a simple way of evaluating play calls. If it works, good call. If not, bad call. There are not many who go past that before forming an opinion.
    Players are the key to success or failure, as they have to execute the play call. To do this they need to block, run, pass, and catch, along with being where they are supposed to be. Sounds simple but, seldom seems to be. How many times this year has Tannehill made the wrong throw? Miller the wrong run lane? All receivers running the right routes and being where they are supposed to be? Don't know, wish I did.

    All in all, from what I have seen this year, I have to fault Tannehill and players more than Lazor. JMO

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    These are some very good points & i agree on most...While i agree it's up to the player's to execute, my opinion is that the OC has to put them in the best position to succeed..I think Lazor has made a habit of getting too cute for his own good; relying on trick plays, throwing 4 times when starting first & goal from the one, giving up on the run after only a few tries, etc. etc., these are all things that set your team up to fail IMO...


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      This should explain why Lazor is such a bad coach.....and won't be with the Dolphins next year, idiotic....


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        Originally posted by Seadog

        This should explain why Lazor is such a bad coach.....and won't be with the Dolphins next year, idiotic....
        IDK, i'm all for getting rid of Lazor but as far as the freedom of changing plays, you're talking about two HOF QB's vs Middle-Of-The-Road Ryan Tannehill...While most think RT's hands are tied by not being given more freedom to audible does anyone really have faith in Ryan Tannehill to be given total control..I mean week-in, week-out my faith in him as even a decent NFL starting QB just goes further & further South..He makes some of the dumbest decisions already, do we really want him calling his own plays!


        • FinFan in KC
          FinFan in KC commented
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          If he is not smart enough to make changes at the line then he shouldn't be a starting QB in the NFL.

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        Originally posted by Seadog

        This should explain why Lazor is such a bad coach.....and won't be with the Dolphins next year, idiotic....
        It does not. No one here, or any media, has any idea if Tannehill is capable of dealing with audibles. Is Lazor being a protective Pa Pa or, does Ryan have a problem in changing plays? I do not know but, think Lazor, who has spent almost two years, every play in practice to games and breaking down film, may.

        IF he did the same with Tannehill as he did with Folwes, we would all be very happy. Maybe it's Ryan.


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          "It does not. No one here, or any media, has any idea if Tannehill is capable of dealing with audibles"

          Right, exactly why Lazor is terrible....


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            I don't believe Tannehill not being able to audible is and indictment on him. Lazor has worked in many styles of offense, but the one he seem to be trying to emulate is Kelly's. Kelly does not allow the QB to audible as well and the bottom line is the NFL has caught up to his style of spread offense. I like Tannehill but don't love him and as I have said many times I think you can win with him, but no because of him.

            Not allowing and NFL QB to audible is just asinine. This is not college where you can be effective with a spread offense if you have speed...This is the NFL where everyone has speed. Defensive coordinators are pretty sharpe as well and they study film and they try and confuse the offense as well. Tannehill called audible's in Sherman's offense and during his tenure he was actually one of the higher rated QB's in the NFL when blitzed.

            Lazor, has got to go, and Tannehill has got to get better, so there is a double edged sword there, but RT will be here at least one more year...


            • Seadog
              Seadog commented
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              Doesn't matter, that will be for the new HC to decide, you can't keep crap just because you made a mistake, you cut and keep going....

            • DolphinsFreak
              DolphinsFreak commented
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              I totally agree with you, Nole. Sure, Tannehill can win games, obviously, but he is NOT a quarterback that you can really depend on when the going gets tough. Having said that, Lazor, in my opinion, might be a bigger problem then Tannehill currently is. I really think he is holding this offense back. He is so vanilla in his playcalling. Predictable. Tannehill has his flaws and there are many, but I think they could improve a little but under a new OC. I am quite confident that with all the QB's around the league that more than a few will be available in free agency. I have seen backup quarterbacks on MANY teams look more sharp then Tannehill. He needs competition and Moore is far from that. I feel the Dolphins need to sign a really good QB in free agency this coming year as well as draft one, too.
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            • hawkfinfan
              hawkfinfan commented
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              RT pick 6. Dude is toast and no one no how is going to correct him. If you make Mclain into a highlight/lowlight film, you know your QB is toast.
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            I still ask this question, why does RT do so much better in the 2 min drill????


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              It's clear the plays aren't coming in that quick from the sideline....


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                Ryan Tannehill is the EXACT same QB he was at Texas A&M. He has not progressed one bit. Zero. He still has all the same fundamental flaws and all the same repetetive bad habits. I've tried to hang on to an inkling of hope but there is no hope. He does not have QB instincts and never has. Yes, he can stand in a clean pocket and throw intermediate passes accurately enough to look good on a perfect Sunday but that is it. I don't even want to get into all the things he can't do that a good high school Quarterback naturally does. The fact is he is getting easier and easier to game plan against. All of the Dolphins coaches agree he is not a great quarterback that can carry a team and needs a running game to help him out yet Lazor regularly abandons the run and throws the game on his shoulders. If an OC can't get a superstar caliber WR on the field because of the limitations of his QB who is to blame? This OC/QB tandem chased out the entire WR group from last year. It looks like they're well under way on group #2. Now people are asking, "What's wrong with DeVante Parker? What's wrong with our TEs? What's wrong with Kenny Stills? " Notice the pattern here? Nothing. Nothing is wrong with any of them. Rishard Matthews was smart enough to finally forget about being a great WR and just perfected the two necessary short routes to crack the starting line-up and Jarvis Landry is Lazor and RTs security blanket and baba. He's a positive to this offense to a fault. Hey Lazor, do us all a favor and stop referring to your joke of an offense as anything resembling the REAL West Coast offense. It's an insult to the legacy of Bill Walsh. The Dolphins blew it by not getting Johnny Manziel if they were going to let Lazor run this amateurish offense but ultimately we need an NFL OC with an NFL caliber QB if we ever hope to move forward. Our days of watching our dynamic duo of the Gutless Wonders has to be coming to an end soon. Please, for the love of God, say it is so. I'd rather see us run 50 times a game than to watch the Lazor offense in action.


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