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Prediction Thread: Dolphins vs Cowboys

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  • Prediction Thread: Dolphins vs Cowboys

    What a great week after an unexpected road win. The Miami Dolphins are back home for a little home cooking, and we want to know YOUR prediction for the game!
    Speak out Dolphins Nation and be heard!

    I am going to say Phins surprise everyone and win in dominant fashion. Miami 27 Cowboys 14.

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    I'm predicting we will STILL have trouble covering the TE..But i'm predicting we'll get a rusty Romo trying to do too much & we'll pull it out.

    Fins 23 - 20


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      27- 24 Phins!


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        Matthews will have a monster game playing off of the emotions of his brother being honored and his family being at the game for the honors. 31-13 Miami.


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          Phins 24 Boyz 21
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            Other than the Pats game, where they sacked Brady 5 times, Dallas has 16 sacks on the season with Hardy leading the team with 4. 11 sacks in 8 games isn't impressive at all. We have 20, with Wake having 7 of those. Suh is currently leading us with 4 sacks on the year. Chris McCain may be able to up his game off the edge, but expecting (hoping) Shelby and Fede to step up as well. We had 4 sacks and an INT against the Eagles with them rolling their QB out and away from our DL often.

            We're expecting Grimes to be back and hopefully healthy after knee and rib injuries - and isn't eating any bad food. Or Miko. Whichever made him sick. Hopefully, Pouncey gets his shat together this week. He's been bad the past 2 weeks and ranked #27 out of 28 Centers by PFF against the Eagles where he screwed the pooch several times or got blown up and was responsible for 2 sacks. Also, it was reported that Albert called him out as well on his lack of dedication to honing his craft. Good for Albert. You expect DT or BT to fk up, but not the center you made a long term investment in and being called out by another lineman isn't a good thing. Still, happy Albert is showing leadership by doing so.

            Jenkins is a question mark again. Hewitt is slated to start in his place if he can't play. Jenkins injured his ankle against the Pats and re-aggravated it against the Eagles. We're already thin at LB as Paysinger has a neck injury. Misi wasn't bad against the Eagles, but the others were terrible. Sheppard remains a toxic dumpster fire. Hewitt looked like an undrafted rookie, but hopefully is better this week. Hull looked completely lost.

            Good thing Aikens can play Special Teams as that dude sucks outright at FS. If he's on the field, he is a problem - out of position, poor tackling, poor angles of pursuit, over commits, and lacks awareness. Not a fan of Michael Thomas, but he's clearly the better of the two.

            Romo coming back will bring the expectation of a win for the cowboys, but that's emotion. I expect him to be rusty, but to still try to light us up deep. The boys are the #9 rushing team with 120 yards per game. WIth a healthy Romo and Dez, they were the #5 team in scoring at apprx 30 ppg, average 236 passing yards, and 147 rushing yards based on 2014.

            They have the much better OL, QB (if healthy), and TEs. Dallas is weak at getting to the passer and/or intercepting the ball. They've allowed teams to score 39, 33, 30, 27, 26 and 26 points.

            Fins win 28-24.


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              Fins 24-21


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                Fins win 27-14 (NO SAFETIES!)


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                  30-13 Fins
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                    Originally posted by Wulf
                    Fins win 27-14 (NO SAFETIES!)
                    Ah, c'mon now. Why settle for the tie, when we could OWN the record? lol...


                    • Wulf
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                      I'd rather see us play the same way we did in our last game at home, when we soundly beat Houston..

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                    Originally posted by cuchulainn

                    Ah, c'mon now. Why settle for the tie, when we could OWN the record? lol...
                    Who are we tied with? I think it's the 80's Seahawks but not sure.


                    • cuchulainn
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                      Yes. Seabirds.

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                    Dolphins 19 Cowboys 17 I will say this is going to be a back and forth defensive struggle and the Dolphins kick a late FG for the win.


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                      Dolphins win 23-16
                      Can we sign this guy?


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                        I think even a rusty Tony Romo make Dallas a much better offense. I think the game stays close and points are put on the board for both teams. I am going with Miami to eek out a high scoring affair.

                        Miami 34 - Dallas 28


                        • Driven_Phinsane!
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                          Their D is hard to figure, seems they either give up a average of around 30 points (though usually only within their own division) or they come up big allowing only around 10 points.. .We have so much trouble scoring more than about 20, i just can't see us dropping 34 on 'em..

                        • Dolfan1
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                          I saw one prediction either on ESPN website or NFL website under bold predictions that Romo puts up 4 TD throws against our defense.

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                        The forecast for Sunday looks like it could get messy with a high of 80 degrees and an 80% chance of Thunderstorms.


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